Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wounded soldiers and police officers in Kirkuk, Iraq who survived terrorist attacks often did not survive once they reached the hospital: one of the doctors working at the Republic Hospital was a covert member of a terrorist cell.

Dr. Louay secretly administered lethal injections to injured men that field terrorists failed to kill. The medication used to murder the wounded men was a blood thinner, which caused the victims to bleed to death.

"He was called Dr Louay and when the terrorists had failed to kill a policeman or a soldier he would finish them off," Colonel Yadgar Shukir Abdullah Jaff, a senior Kirkuk police chief, told The Independent. "He gave them a high dosage of a medicine which increased their bleeding so they died from loss of blood."

Louay's string of homicides stretched over a eight month period and totaled 42 victims that authorities know of. Louay was only caught because the leader of the cell, Malla Yassin, was captured and confessed.

"I was really shocked that a doctor and an educated men should do such a thing," said Col Jaff.

I for one, am not. These terrorists are on a different level from the rest of humanity, education or not. An intelligent and well trained terrorist is simply a more dangerous one.

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