Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Guess who they were really there to see?

It seems that the Clinton White House sleep over guests are showing Hillary a little of the cold shoulder this year.

The New York Post reports that 40% of Pres. Clinton's 1,100 plus White House guests donated to his wife while he was still in the Oval Office, netting Mrs. Clinton's Senate campaign a tidy sum of $620,000.

But now, fewer than 20% of the Clinton's former supporters have donated to the Hillary train.

"FOBs are not necessarily FOHs," University of Virginia political scholar Larry Sabato told the Post, referring to friends of Bill and Hill. "Think of the two of them - who's the one who collects friends? Bill."

Ted Danson, who donated more than $10,000 previously has yet to give Hillary one red cent.

White House sleep over guests Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid and Will Smith have yet to give to the cause, too.

I guess it just isn't the same when Hillary can't pimp out the Lincoln Bedroom, huh?

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