Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some of you may remember that an Iranian newspaper recently launched a Holocaust cartoon contest. It seems the competition has drawn more than 200 entries, with some mocking the WWII genocide. One entry even shows Jews going into a gas pipeline.

Now wait, it gets even better! Although most of the contestants are Iranian, some entries have come from Indonesia, and Brazil...and six are from Americans.

American cartoonist Mike Flugennock's cartoon asks: "What has Ariel Sharon learned from the Holocaust?" It shows bulldozers razing Palestinian homes and an Israeli soldier pointing a gun at a Palestinian protester's head, above Flugennock's answer to his own question: "Humiliation, tyranny, brutality and murder."

He's still in a coma.

Flugennock said he saw the contest as a chance to tell the world "that there is 'another America' that sees through the policies of the Israeli state and isn't afraid of reactionaries' trying to tar them with the epithet 'anti-Semite.'

How about the epithet ASSHOLE? I usually stay away from profanity in my blog, but I feel that in this instance, it is well deserved!

Another American cartoonist depicted the Statue of Liberty with its torch extinguished and its eyes and mouth sealed with metal plates and a sign reading, "Closed until further notice. Bushco Demolitions."


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