Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gay vs. Muslim soccer?

Yes, in the Netherlands, a soccer tournament between gays and Muslims is being arranged to combat growing fear among gays of Islamic intolerance.

A nationwide survey by the Police Research Academy of 776 gay persons revealed that 80% believed their safety had been threatened at some point during the year, and 40% claimed they had been either verbally or physically assaulted.

Is anyone surprised by this?

Dutch homosexuals blamed Muslims of Turkish and Moroccan descent.

The Academy director Frits Vlek said that homosexuality is not widely accepted in many Muslim cultures, which is odd, because I thought that NO Muslim culture accepted it!

"Parts of the Muslim community still resist homosexuality and receive little education about it," he said.

Oh, they receive education. It just involves killing gay folks!

An organizer of the group, Suzanne Ijsselmuiden, said she hoped the competition will "help ease these tensions so that people can openly talk about homosexuality."

Gay Muslims can take their choice of teams, she said. "People can have many identities."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

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