Sunday, March 26, 2006

Carl Sheeler, a self-proclaimed "family man, US Marine veteran, business owner, educator and political outsider," is running for the US Senate in Rhode Island this fall...on the Democratic ticket.

That wasn't really that hard to guess, I know. The front page of his website has nothing to offer, no solutions and no platform, other than "Impeach Bush."

Did you know you can order tee-shirts and bumper stickers, too?

Here's a cute little quote from your buddy Carl:

"This campaign is about you and giving underrepresented, everyday people a voice. My name is Carl Sheeler and I want to be your voice as your next working U.S. Senator. I am running to be the tip of the sword to be certain our government starts to listen to us. We are tired of our failed energy policies . . . "

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