Friday, March 10, 2006

"The burqa is hostile to women, and medieval. For a woman to walk around on the streets completely covered is an insult to everyone who believes in equal rights"

This quote is from Geert Wilders, the populist member of the Netherlands' parliament. The Dutch are considering banning the burqa completely.

Truly, this is the equivalent of a black person being forced to walk the streets in leg-irons. The women do not want it that way, and it is unnecessary for the men to need it to avoid looking at the female form. Just as we do not give gravity to a battered woman who says she deserved it because she angered her man, or give credence to a man who said she needed to be put in her place, we must not accept this travesty of human rights.

If the Netherlands lead the way on this, it will put the UN to shame. This isn't 'cultural' ,or 'ethnic', or 'religious' or any other such nonsense. It is a brutal and flagrant human rights violation!

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