Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Identity soup, as it is becoming known by, is under political fire in France. The soup is a historical main staple of soup kitchens for French citizens, and its primary ingredient is inexpensive pork.

However, the political inference was soon realized by the French government, and police are forbidding the soup from being served for fear it may offend Muslims. Police cite the "discriminatory nature of the soup."

Made with smoked bacon, and with pigs' ears, feet and tails, together with vegetables and sausages, the soup is being served secretly, sometimes in different places each day. This, despite the fact that Muslim-ran soup kitchens are free to serve halal food, and Jewish kitchens are permitted to serve kosher foods.

Odile Bonnivard runs a roving soup kitchen.
"Our freedom in France is being threatened. If we prefer European civilization and Christian culture, that's our choice."

An elderly woman named Helene, who has a home but very little money left over after rent, often comes to the kitchen for the pork soup. She says,"At least here there are people who are of the same mind as me. The French, and the Europeans in general, roll over for foreigners, and particularly Islam.

The kitchen has also started to make a political statement with its soup. In France, most soup kitchens provide the needy with a complete dinner, including cheese and dessert. Bonnivard's group even offers a glass of red wine with every meal.

"The only condition required for dining with us: eat pork. Cheese, dessert, coffee, clothing and candy go with the pork soup. No soup, no dessert."

"They're more afraid of us than any march by Islamists or Jews," said Bonnivard's husband, Roger. "We're not yet living in a land of Islam."

It is atrocious that the French government is so worried about the feelings of Muslims that they would deny their own citizens from feeding the hungry through a charity. Atrocious, but not surprising.

You just know that the Imams in France are laughing their butts off.

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