Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alabama lawmakers are considering a law that would give a mass pardon to hundreds of people who were arrested under Alabama's antiquated segregation laws.

The law will be named for Rosa Parks, and would pardon everyone from the inception of segregation laws in 1901 through the 1964.

"I think it's wonderful. There were 89 people arrested during the bus boycott, and I think every one of them should be pardoned because of the contribution they made to the state and the nation," said Rep. Alvin Holmes, a Democrat and veteran of the civil rights movement.

The State Legislature is in the last week of this session, but committee chairman Marcel Black is confident that the law can be passed in time.

This is a nice gesture, but I cannot believe that the records of those arrested for segregation violations haven't already been expunged! There shouldn't be a requirement for legislation to get that done.

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