Friday, April 9, 2010

More Insanity From Obama

The Federal government is a hot mess.

After what they've done to the banks, the auto industry and healthcare, they cannot do the one most important thing they were meant to do.

The Sinaloa Cartel is thought to have seized control of Ciudad Juarez by US intelligence, and is being used as the main artery to traffic drugs into the United States through the city of El Paso. With that comes kidnappings, murders, crime, ect.

Federal agents even refer to the cities as the "ground zero" of the ridiculously titled war on drugs.

Any peep from the Obama administration? Any pullout from the Middle East and "redeployment" to that area of the border?


Instead, Obama is focusing on dismantling America's nuclear standing. A treaty with Russia to disarm in Prague? REALLY?!?

A 30% reduction in our nuclear arsenal and a reduction in submarines and strategic bombers coupled with the defense budget cuts Obama has already made is insanity! Do we really expect that Russia will live up to their word to disarm as well just because they say they will?

Even worse is the idea that we take the nuclear option off the table for countries that promise not to develop nukes. Sure. Does he really think that any such country wouldn't just attempt to gain nuclear capability under the radar? And what of terrorist sponsoring states? I suppose they can pack as many nail bomb vests as they wish, safe in the knowledge that we will never get to the point of exhaustion with their bullshit and just hit the button, solving the problem once and for all.

And Obama expects that Republicans will just get in line behind this? 

He's probably not far off the mark. Considering the utter spinelessness in the GOP, it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Speaking of surprise, is anyone surprised that Netanyahu cancelled his trip to the Washington nuclear arms conference? I wouldn't attend such a farce either, were I he. Considering the treatment of Israel by the Obama administration, why come to a table and be listen to my state, the ONLY stable one in the Middle East, be berated for my nuclear weapons program while the Hitler of Iran is given a pass?

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is calling Obama out on his idiocy. (I know, not a difficult thing.) She has astutely pointed out that no previous president has ever considered such an foolish move.

Obama childishly responded that he would not respond to Palin, saying, "Because last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues."

Yeah, sure. And you are, Mr. one-half-of-a-Senate-term-before-running-for-president. Yeah, lots and lots of experience and expertise there. 

Perhaps it isn't Palin's comments that have Obama so rattled. Perhaps it is the thought of this: 


cube said...

Honestly, I think Sarah Palin has pushed herself into the Newt Gingrich category of being a terrific spokesperson for conservativism,
but not being an electible candidate. I say, you go girl, but don't run for office 'cause you're not going to win.

Jungle Mom said...

I think it is too soon to tell about Palin's chances but, I loved her reload don't retreat line today at SRLC.

LomaAlta said...

Nice post Brooke. It is clear to me that Obama's weakening of our military and his destruction of our nuclear deterrence is beyond ignorance or incompetence. It is a plan for socialism and tyranny in America accompanied by expanded and more powerful radical Islamic states. Europe has caved in to Islam, Russia is feeling its terrorism, and Obama is positioning the US to support rising radical Islamic states while appeasing anyone who could harm us. Obama is an evil man.

Mustang said...

Going out on a limb here … but I don’t think there is a greater source of criticism for a woman politician than a woman voter is. It is true that men tend to snicker about such things and mumble ‘cat fight’ … but it is also true that there is an odd chemistry between and among women that makes it difficult for them to get along. I agree with Cube that while Palin may be a great speaker of talking points, it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Palin to win the presidency. In my view, Palin is quite plainly unqualified for the presidency; maybe if she had retained her office as governor things could be different in 2012. I absolutely detest that she’s now all about making as much money as she can from speaking engagements and ghostwritten books.

Michelle Bachmann is quite intelligent; she has been a member of the House since 2007, which gives her a few years less political experience than Obama had. I think a run for the White House would be a major uphill battle for her, and an unfair contest given the Chicago machine Obama’s put together. I also think Obama’s defeat of Clinton would give the GOP pause to consider Bachmann at this time; more the pity, actually, because I would like to hear what she has to say during a run for the primary. I don’t see anyone lining up on the right who gives me a great deal of confidence.

Brooke said...

Cube: I don't know. I think the media is attempting to make Palin unelectable.

JM: I love her 'tude, too. I'm liking Bachman (sp?), too.

LA: Amen, brother. I couldn't have said it better.

Mustang: I disagree. I don't think a two-female thing is a problem. I don't know about Palin. I'm a bit neutral.

As for Bachmann... By the time 2012 rolls around, I imagine she'll have a bit of experience under her belt. I'm liking her prospects, as long as she doesn't eff up or has some horrid skeleton in the closet.

Krystal said...

If you believe in Biblical prophecy... according to Ezekiel 38-39 and Rev 20, Gog and Magog (which is now Russia) is suppose to march on Israel in the end times. Russia has a large and growing Muslim population.

During that time, EVERYONE will turn on Israel. I hate to say it, but America will have to fall before this happens. While there will be those of us who will always support Israel, what will be left of our nation will, as a whole, despise her.

Now I don't know the time line, if this occurs before or after the Rapture. But it will come to pass.

If you believe in Biblical prophecy.

I've never seen Obama as the anti-christ, however, the anti-christ does have a forerunner who prepares the way. Signing this agreement and disarming us in reference to Russia sure makes a great "way". Doesn't it?

Always On Watch said...

Instead, Obama is focusing on dismantling America's nuclear standing.

Everything BHO is doing is one more step in dismantling America!

As for Palin, I know of at least one Republican who didn't vote GOP in 2008 because of Palin, whom this person, a female, sees Palin as an opportunist and too volatile to serve as President.

People either love Palin or despise her. Is she that polarizing for a lot of people? I think so.

Brooke said...

Z: I do believe in the prophecy, but I cannot begin to guess at the time everything will occur.

With all due respect to you, I feel that every generation probably had/has something they could point to and reference with Revalation. I don't try to guess; I'm just not that good.

AOW: I agree that Palin is very polarizing.

I do admit that it's one of the things I like about her. No milquetoast there!

Chuck said...

I think Netanyahu smelled a trap. The Islamic countries are feeling no restraint from the US right now on Israel. It would have been very disrespectful. As it is, now they are going to feel like he is fair game because he would not show up. He really did not have a win here.

As far as Palin, I think she is right were she needs to be. She is not a President, she is a cheerleader. This is not in any way meant to be disrespectful of her ability or gender. I think it is a very important role she can play, rallying the troops. In fact, I wonder if she would be good as RNC Chair? It is a win all around. She can excite the voters, she would raise mountains of money, and it gets the Tea Party into the GOP.

Krystal said...

Israel even getting it's own nation is a fulfillment of prophecy. I don't know the time line either, but I did have the good fortune of having a father who was pretty close to being an expert on Revelation. He use to point things out on occassion. It may take 5 generations or more, but I see another fulfillment. No one knows the hour or the day ... not even the Son.