Thursday, April 29, 2010

Picture Thursday.

Because yes, I am that lazy today.

So much for worrying about my car's exhaust:

Dear gawd! If this is true we can't risk it... Better start buying carbon offsets...

Or we could just get Chuck Norris to put an end to all this nonsense:

So the next time I get pulled over, can I pull this? 


USA_Admiral said...

Laziness can be a virtue, sometimes.

That must be an older picture of ManBearPig, he looks like a bloated maggot now days. Just sayin.

Put Chuck Norris on it. That will fix it.

Arizona is doing it right.

cube said...

Don't get me started on algore and his lucrative nonsense.

Brooke said...

USA: It must be an older pic, yes. He's only mostly repugnant in that one.

Chuck can fix anything, but I do like the Jack Bauer/Chuck Norris joke:

Chuck Norris sends Jack Bauer a Total Gym with a note that tells him to start working out.

Jack Bauer then sends Chuck a dead terrorist with a note stapled to his chest that reads, "This is what I do for a workout."


Cube: Oh, I hear 'ya. The man is selling a product that does not exist!