Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Miscell

Do a serious post on April Fool's Day?


Instead, I have compiled a list of funnies and links. Enjoy! 

First, some geek stuff. 

You know you want a vintage DC poster series for your bedroom. Admit it

You've got initiative. Roll to hit... Who cares if you're in the shower? 

And for later, when you want to stay dry: 

Coolest. Umbrella. Ever. 

Tired of dying those same tired eggs every Easter? Want something with some flair? 

How about Peepshi? All you need is a package or so of Peeps, Fruit by the Foot, and some Rice Krispies bars. 

Oh, and a really sharp knife. Instructions here. 

Did Jobs sucker you into buying one of those gigantic iTouches known as an iPad? Does the damn thing take up half of your desk just sitting there? Want to camo the thing while it charges? 

Here's an option: The iCade! 

So, if you see someone drowning, are you supposed to call 911, or just LOL? 

What could possibly make baby formula better? 

Adding bacon, of course! 

Speaking of feeding, how many hungry weasels could your body feed?  I came in at 40. 

For all of you parents out there, we have the 10 cruelest jokes played on children by their parents. This ought to be good for an idea or two...

And finally, what post full of nonsense would be complete without 160 Arnie movie quotes? Enjoy! 


Always On Watch said...



Even as a toddler, I loved bacon. A pity that this product wasn't available back then.

Leslie said...

Love the Peepshi! That is hilarious!

Krystal said...

Most of this was plain funny!

I gotta tell you though, I watched the "jokes" those parents played, and aside from the water over the door and the Easter Bunny (how could they have known they'd be afraid), every other one was just plain cruel. Seriously CRUEL. Get your child all excited on Christmas just to yank it out from under him? Scare a child into the FETAL position and then LAUGH about it? Much less post it for the world to see?

They shouldn't have had children.

Brooke said...

AOW: I once saw a recipe for a chocolate cake w/crumbled bacon on it.

Is there anything better? :)

Leslie: I can't wait to show it to hubby; he is a big sushi fan. Not so much of the Peeps, though. ;)

Krystal: I do agree. About half of the time I was thinking, "what an @sshole!!!"

I did get a big kick out of the old bucket of water. The XBox started out funny, but I did wind up feeling bad for the little guy.

USA_Admiral said...

Great post!

And how do you know about Initiative and to hit?

Brooke said...

I played some D&D 2E back in the day. ;)

Still got my dice, too. One of these days I'm going to put together an adventure and make hubby roll to save. Negative something, of course. LOL!

beamish said...


You're a gamer geek too?

I ROFLMAO at the crit die soap.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..cute cute Brooke!

Chuck said...

The 911 sign is funny. I'm showing your peepshi to Brenda, we may make some for Emily

Michael said...

Loved the geek stuff, but I have a cooler umbrella: a full size map of Middle Earth.

Brooke said...

Beamish: Oh, yeah. :)

Angel: Hope you're having a good Passover.

Chuck: Let me know how the Peepshi turns out if you do! :)

Michael: Dude, I want your umbrella!

cube said...

Love this post. I want the soap for mathematical reasons, but it's just too pretty to actually use.

Z said...

terrific, Brooke...really fun post.

Now, tell me how I can get you back on my sidebar...I just linked you again and it STILL doesn't open your site. What am I doing wrong?

Brooke said...

It might be Blogger. I had trouble with it doing that a couple of times with my sidebar. I had to wait a day or so and try again.

Snarky Basterd said...

Nice group of links, Brooke. I'd take that umbrella, for sure.

WomanHonorThyself said...

happy HOLIDAYS my friend ~!:)

Z said...

Brooke, Blogger's been giving me hell lately...sitemeter's taking forever, too. Will blog on it...'elsewhere' and see if I can get some help.

Z said...

Brooke..I just tried again and you were's working now. thanx