Friday, April 23, 2010

Now See This!

Watch this quickly before the Tube yanks it.


USA_Admiral said...


I guess he is not a fan of the new one?

beamish said...

The J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie almost... almost... knocked Ang Lee's Hulk movie off of the top of my list of the worst movies of the 21st Century.

Brooke said...

USA: Nope. ;)

Beamish: I actually liked the fact that they broke with cannon instead of trying to simply remake one of the TOS movies.

About halfway through I started to wonder how many times Kirk was going to get punched in the face, and the vaccine scene was just too goofy.

AND above ALL ELSE, I wish to gawd they could make a movie or do a series (think TNG doing it over and over) WITHOUT trotting out one of the mummified originals. If the new stuff is good enough to stand on it's own the last thing I need is a fat Shatner or ancient Nimoy to prop it up.

End rant.

beamish said...

Okay, I'm gonna put on my Trekkie hat and say JJ Abrams must die and Star Trek 90210 must die.

I can only emulate Hitler's rant there, LOL.

I thought the whole idea of recruits getting their own ship to be so much goofy.