Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brain Freeze

Please help me out. I know I'm just a hate-filled conservative fearmongering gun-toter, but I just can't understand how the same leftists that are calling Arizona a police state actually want the National Guard to put an end to crime in Chicago?

Also, I had no idea you could still get a floppy disk. Not for much longer, though.


Krystal said...

See the Arizona Police are being directed by the State of Arizona, which is simply exercising state's rights. OH! And the state is Republican.

The National Guard in Chicago would be controled by a liberal asshat.

USA_Admiral said...

Delusions run rampant in the liberal world.

If you are hate filled, I guess I dig hate filled.

I just got rid of all the old floppies in the house. They are all on my flash drive.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Go Arizoooooooooooooooona!!!!

Chuck said...

I actually heard talk of martial law on CNN. Let a Republican utter those words.

Brooke said...

Krystal: Yes!

USA: I wonder if the left simply cannot see their hypocrisy, or if they think we are just too stupid to see theirs.

Sadly, I fear it is the latter.

I have one floppy left in my house with no way to read it. I have no idea what's on it. Heh.

Angel: Yes!

Chuck: OMG, it would be a firestorm, wouldn't it?

PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it illegal to use troops to enforce law on US soil? I know the Guard can be deployed to restore order in disaster situations, but there is no disaster in Chicago, just rampant crime and they DO have a police force.

Z said...

If Chicago's not calling in the Nat'l Guard to end the crime in their government, it's all for naught, anyway! (THEN the Obama thugs would be calling it a POLICE STATE!)
This is just the first in the slippery slope of Obama's planned martial law.
Signed, another hate-filled conservative fear mongering brain freezed blogger.

cube said...

More proof that the left isn't big on logical arguments.