Monday, April 19, 2010

...And He Sucks At It

iOwnTheWorld has an excellent post regarding the hypocrisy and apathetic nature:

The Washington Times reports that since the volcanic ash prevented Obama from going to Poland for their President’s funeral  he saw an opportunity to play, yet, more golf. He still hasn’t visited the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC to sign the condolence book.

Graphic shamelessly stolen from the same source. Read the rest here. 


USA_Admiral said...

The man is an abomination (obamanation). I can't wait until they castrate him November.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Didn't the leftards say the same thing about Bush playing golf?

The media has been playing this card for the past ten presidents.

Brooke said...

USA: I hope it is a huge wake up call, and I want conservatives, not RHINOS.

Steve: Oh, yes. "Bush went on a two day vacation! Bush is playing golf!"

Obama has racked up more golf in one year than Bush did in eight.

But then, one of the left's specialties is hypocrisy.

Snarky Basterd said...

It appears Tiger Woods isn't the only baby on the links.

cube said...

I don't understand why the republicans don't chide the left more about this and other lefty hypocrisies. Let's start setting the record straight.

EDGE said...


That's what worries me in the upcoming elections.

commoncents said...

Thanks for posting this Brooke!!!

Common Cents