Friday, April 30, 2010

Iran Now an Authority on Women's Rights...

...Which must mean that they have the right to be beaten, the right to be stoned to death or hanged from a crane, the right to be raped, the right to be denied an education, the right to not be allowed out of the house, the right to be forced to wear a damned potato sack, the right to be told their hair and bodies hold supernatural powers over men, the right to JUST DAYS AGO have law passed that will have any woman who is "too tan" arrested....

And the list goes on. 

Please see Chuck's post on this story, in which IRAN has been elected to the U.N.'s Commission of the Status of Women, part of the human rights body.

Pardon me, but un-fucking-believable. And where are the so-called women's rights groups? HELLO???

Oh, that's right. You're out shilling for the left, rather than doing SOMETHING for girls like Neda: 

It seems, though, that some women are starting to wake up and call their 'feminist' counterparts to the carpet. 

From this source:

CAIR has already been successful in getting the Pentagon to disinvite Graham from a similar event , criticizing him for comments he had made about the religion's violent teachings -- among them, the religion's tenets concerning women.

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America (CWA), is shocked at how Islam treats women. "Concerned Women for America has been vocal in denouncing the appalling way that Muslims treat women, and we're sorry that the feminists are not willing to join us in denouncing radical Islam," she comments.

"Hillary Clinton has a responsibility, not only as a leader of the feminist movement, but [also] as the secretary of state of the United States, to speak out against forces that are damaging and destructive to the United States. And she has the ability -- because she is our main ambassador to other countries -- to defend the dignity of women," Wright adds.

As an aside, we see what the ROP is up to elsewhere. In Denmark, the KFC website was hacked and this video was 
posted. Quite the stark contrast to what we know of Islam, isn't it?

Finally, we have the groveler-in-chief bowing to Muslim comic book characters. I. Kid. You. Not.



USA_Admiral said...

The world is inside out.

Everybody is going to pay for this terrible bit of insanity for a long time.

Brooke said...

Thanks, USA.

I did a bit of updating to the post since you were here. I found a bit more online that hacked me off.

Not hard when dealing with Islam.

Chuck said...

The women's rights groups became irrelevant when they supported the serial sexual harasser Bil Clinton. They have ignored all sorts of rights abuse against women from what amounts to forced abortions in China (whatever happened to fighting for the women's right to choose?), the treatment of women by the Taliban, Iran, etc, etc

Anonymous said...

The prominent "feminist" groups in the US are a total joke at this point, and have been for decades.

They've done immeasurable damage, in many, many ways.

There is nothing feminine or powerful about them...and I can only imagine what women's groups in truly oppressed nations must think of NOW, Code Pink, etc.

It makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

by the topic, but Texas is working on a similar immigration bill to the one Arizona just passed.
Rick Perry (chickenshit that he is) has shown his true colors.

Asked about the Arizona law, GOP Gov. Rick Perry and his Democratic challenger, Bill White, emphasized through spokespeople that immigration is a federal responsibility.

Jim Harrington, of the Texas Civil Rights Project, predicted any similar effort in Texas would fail because Texas has "a different relationship with the Hispanic community."

"You can take the political temperature by just looking at Rick Perry being quiet," Harrington said.

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry is being quiet because he's a _________.


I'm sorry, but just like GW BUSH before him, he's WEAK on illegal immigration.

Perry does not have our best interest at heart.

okay....rant over.

beamish said...

This world could use some masculinism as well.

Fellas, you see a woman being abused by a man, drop what you're doing and BEAT HIS ASS!

Grow a set, brothers.

Brooke said...