Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Local Commerical"

This is GOT to be a spoof... Isn't it?


USA_Admiral said...

If not we are all in a lot of trouble.

Does having a lot of manly eyes on a woman really make her happy?

So many questions.

Snarky Basterd said...

Thanks to Dr. Kelley's pullout method, the world is probably a safer place.

Chuck said...

Brooke, it has to be. If not then scary.

I loved the part about the one got to go to Canada.

I think I went to the same place as Snarky.

Brooke said...

As I understand it, the two directors of the commercial make purposefully bad spots for local businesses.

USA: I dunno. It usually makes me nervous. I start wondering if my bra is showing through my shirt, or if I've got ketchup on my face or t.p. on my shoe or something.

SB: HAHAHAHAAA!!! I thought that, too.

Chuck: Dude. I got to go to Canada once. And I didn't even have to visit the good doctor. I must be lucky. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is so not a joke.


WomanHonorThyself said...

eeeeeeeeeeeek!..its so great to be good looking...egads ! it a spoof Brooke?

cube said...

Comon, this sounds like an Onion piece.