Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Feed the Homeless.

I read the headline of this story, and thought perhaps Miami was going to use a little tough love to weed out some of the refuse. But noooooo.... Instead, we get this idiocy:

Miami residents may have to think twice before giving up their leftovers to the homeless. 
The Miami City Commission is set to consider a proposal next month that would prohibit unauthorized people and groups from feeding the homeless downtown, an ordinance proponents say will cut down on litter and ensure the safety of the food the homeless do eat. 
The Miami Downtown Development Authority recently approved the measure, sending it up to the commission. 
Though the change could draw objections, David Karsh, spokesman for Development Authority Chairman Marc Sarnoff, said the rule isn't a blanket ban. He said that anybody would be able to feed the homeless, but they would have to go through formal training first -- amateurs couldn't just give up part of their lunch to help someone they meet on the street.
"The ordinance is not by any means meant to discourage people from feeding homeless people," he told, adding that homeless advocacy groups support the measure. "Anybody can do it." 
The training would cover two main lessons: how to ensure the food is safe to eat, and how to clean up the mess afterward. 
"The business owners and residents in the area are complaining that there's just an incredible mess in the area once the group leaves," Karsh said. "It really is an immense mess that's left behind."
If the ordinance passes, anybody who breaks it would first receive a warning and then fines up to $300 for subsequent offenses. 

Are you kidding me?!? A class on safe food and how to clean up afterwards?!? 

I swear, I wake up every day thinking that things cannot get any more ridiculous, and then I'm proven wrong.


Krystal said...

I love the picture!!! LOL! I realize that the point of this post is the ludicrousy of government bureaucracy, but the pictures totally rocks!!!!

When we lived in S. Florida we use to go to McDonald's and pick up 50 cheeseburgers and pass them out at "Homeless Park" as we called it. I guess that since they came from McD's they had to be safe to eat. S'pose we should have instructed the homeless on the use of trash cans?

cube said...

Stop this crazy world, I want to get off! Is there no sanity anywhere?

Anonymous said...

San Diego California had a serious problem with homeless people a few years back. They solved that problem quite efficiently.

What they did is round up all the homeless people, and put them on a bus for Phoenix.

Voila ... no more homeless problem. What did Phoenix do? They (a) complained about San Diego, and then (b) put those people on a bus for Kansas City. Eventually, these people ended up in Chicago, where 99.9% of them voted for Barack Obama.

And now you know ... the rest of the story.


Mustang out

Always On Watch said...

ensure the safety of the food the homeless do eat


Around here, the homeless will eat roadkill, and nobody seems to worry about the food safety. In fact, raccoon and possum are considered delicacies.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I swear, I wake up every day thinking that things cannot get any more ridiculous, and then I'm proven wrong...u and me both Brooke!!..gah!!

USA_Admiral said...

The Nanny Nation is on the horizon. No one can do anything themselves today. It makes me wonder how we survived this long.

Anonymous said...


Stop waking up every day thinking; instead, wake up every day drinking. You'll see ... things will clear up for you.

Semper Fi


Chuck said...

Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life down here.

beamish said...

I used to feed the homeless, but then they started breeding. ;)

Feeding them wildlife is probably a good idea. There's plenty of deer and other varmints that taste good out there. Hunters should be given tax credits for the organic foods they donate.

Brooke said...

Krystal: I don't know where that pic was taken, but here in Cincinnati we've got a 'homeless' guy that hangs out around the ball park with a sign that says, "Why lie, I want beer."

You're pretty generous with the cheeseburgers! LOL!

Of course, under leftist laws you'd be hit with 50 charges of littering...

Cube: I HEAR YOU!!!

Mustang: LOL!!! Actually, I wouldn't say that's too far from the truth.

As for the drinking... That may be a viable option! LOL!

AOW: I wouldn't be adverse to eating a roadkill deer if I were the one that hit it and could dress it properly.

But food safety for the homeless? Huh is right! You'd think that the fact there are people willing to charitably feed others would be lauded instead of regulated.

Angel: Yes.

USA: I know. Pretty soon, Nana gov't will be wiping our noses and butts for us.

Chuck: Don't I wish Scotty (Simon Pegg version) would beam me up!

Beamish: As long as we're on a Trek tear, they're rather like tribbles, aren't they? The tiniest morsel...

I like your tax credit plan! And it is not only organic, it's free-range. That ought to send the lefties into bliss.

BATMAN said...

"...and ensure the safety of the food the homeless do eat."

And while they're regulating this, the homeless starve.

Snarky Basterd said...

I say we should feed them to killer whales. But that might get me in a bit of trouble.

Brooke said...

Jeff: Yep. There's the gov't for you.

SB: Which ones, the homeless or the legislators? ;)

Elmers Brother said...

Here in Phoenix there was a church that was feeding the homeless (the church is in the neighborhood where the homeless hang out) and the city along with several residents barred them from doing it because of some city ordnance