Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They Will Rue This Day

With a stroke of the pen, Obama has created another day which shall live in infamy:


Brooke said...

How f*cking classy is this?

cube said...

The concept of "live-microphone" is a difficult one for some folks to comprehend.

You know some people are really confident about winning House seats in November, but I think we can't rest on our laurels because a lot can happen till then. We need to redouble our efforts or risk another loss at the hands of
smash-mouth thug politicians from the left.

kevin said...

As classy as Obama's middle finger.

Brooke said...

Cube: I don't get what's so difficult to get about assuming the mike is ALWAYS hot?


I agree, now is not the time to just sit back.

Kevin: Yeah, just about.

USA_Admiral said...

They are going to get a big F**^king deal in November!