Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weird Week:

We live in a mostly nice little neighborhood that isn't 'connected' to the city. It is usually quiet, and if things do get loud, most of the folks come out to quiet it back down.

Two nights ago at about 0230, a drunk driver peeled into our street from the state route, clipped the tree in front of our elderly neighbor across the street and crashed into her porch. It was demolished, and the moron barely managed to miss her bedroom. Then, he peeled out of her yard, leaving a very well defined trail of mud to his house several streets over which I'm sure the cops were grateful for, as it saved them a lot of trouble finding him.

Last night, we were watching some DS9 when a pickup pulled up in front of the house. The dude was sitting there with his internal lights on. He just kept sitting, so Dave went out to see what he was up to...

He was rolling a damn joint. Right in front of our house.

He was so blitzed that he didn't even notice Dave staring at him two feet from his window, and never did. He finished rolling, and pulled off.

So, we called the cops. God forbid he plows through a little old lady's house.

I guess I'm going to have to start shooting at people from my front frickin' porch. What is it? Is the warm weather allowing all the crazies and derelicts out?


Anonymous said...

Glad y'all are safe.

At least he pulled over instead of rolling while driving...hehehehee.


(don't hurt me...)

USA_Admiral said...

Shotguns take out the garbage very well. Rock salt in their asses is something they soon will not forget.

beamish said...

That woman should be sued for putting her house in the path of someone who is alcoholically enhanced.

(just kidding!)

Always On Watch said...

What is it? Is the warm weather allowing all the crazies and derelicts out?

Full moon?

Brooke said...

Jen: I'll bet he started texting after he pulled away. :)

USA: That sounds like a solid plan.

Beamish: What was she thinking? ;)

AOW: I think that was a week or so ago. My ER was chock-full of 'em.

It must be the thaw.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Brooke!!
No doubt...
First things first.

cube said...

I was wondering what the connection to DS9 was... now I know.

I'm glad everyone is OK.