Monday, March 22, 2010

Obamacare Passes.

Under the cover of darkness on a Sunday night, freedom dies to thunderous applause and by seven votes.

Comrades, we all now have government health care!

Won't it be wonderful when amnesty passes? It is coming, mark my words.

How else will the Democrats stay in office after this?


USA_Admiral said...

After being force fed the blue pill it is a strange new world before us.

Uncle Walt said...

What part of this killed freedom?

Brooke said...

USA: Yes, we don't even get to choose.

I figured the Obamadrones would be out in full force today.

Where to begin? One of many freedom killers would be the part where the government compels us to purchase a product under threat of fine or jail.

USA_Admiral said...

If you are asking, then you are too crazy to have it explained to you rationally. Get used to the word ration too. It is in your future.

cube said...

The libs will push for amnesty next so that come November, they will have a bunch of spanking new voters looking for "free" stuff.

Then comes Cap & Trade to wreck what little will be left of our once vibrant economy.

The liberal menace is very real and it must be stopped.

beamish said...

I hope the cops who come to arrest me for not buying health insurance trust their own health insurance.

beamish said...
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Brooke said...

USA: As Beamish has pointed out many a time, leftists are incapable of rational though.

Cube: You are absolutely correct.

Beamish: Yes, indeed.

Hey, now that the bill has passed, do you think Pelosi will find out what's in it and let us plebes know?

WomanHonorThyself said...

too sad Brooke.............

Krystal said...

Isn't it like 16,000 more IRS employees to enforce healthcare coverage (since when did health care fall under the IRS anyway???).

Sounds like it's time to stockpile and join the militia!

Uncle Walt said...


I asked a simple question and one of your commenters actually answered it, for which I thank Brooke.

I am personally not sure if the individual mandate is constitutional. It will be interesting to watch as it goes through the courts.

But you know, despite all of that, I still don't see anything in this bill that denies me the right to speech or religion or assembly or to petition my government with my greivances or to own guns or to be free from unreasonalbe search and seizure or to be free from the threat of cruel and unusual punishments or any of the other freedoms gaurentted in the Bill of Rights.

But then, as a Liberal I am, by definition, incapable of rational thought and simply crazy because I asked a simple question.

The funny thing in all of this is how often Conservatives/Republicans have been wrong in their predictions of disaster.

They were wrong about the Enviromental Protection Act, the Clean Air Act, Clintons 1993 budget, the Clean Water Act, and Social Security just to name a few. They are consistently and vehemently wrong about tax cuts. They don't provide any long term stimulation to the economy and they don't pay for themselves.

Sorry, I guess a crazy Liberal like me shouldn't try having any rational thoughts.

LomaAlta said...

Lordy Brooke, the Obamadrones are out squeaking.

I agree the Republic is in grave danger and only conservatives taking back our government can save America and our freedom. We must roll back socialized medicine.

beamish said...

THe funny thing is, Pelosi and her big gavel drove the House Democrats to pass the Senate version of the bill (without knowing what's in it) and then passed a seperate reconciliation bill that the Senate doesn't have to pass or even consider, and the language in the bill Obama signs will have come solely from the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi will then be waving her big gavel and cheering over the House, her House, having no hand in the composition of the legislation Obama signs.

All that for nothing.

Brooke said...

Here's hoping that this monster bill goes before the SCOTUS and they can strike it down.

I'll bet that's why Obama bullied the judges during the SOTU address.

Oh, and let me know how that Social Security works out for 'ya in about 20 years, if that.

Uncle Walt said...

Health insurance for 34 million people and ending many of the most abusive of Health Insurance Company practices. And its all paid for.

Yep the Republic is truly in danger.

Y'all are funny!!

Brooke said...

Sure. Now we will have the abuses of Federal health care... And there's no recourse if you aren't happy.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Yeah, I'd believe it if Walt applauded the passing of this health care law. It's his ilk to do so. If Obama told him to eat a shit sandwich, he'd be right on it.

USA_Admiral said...

Ask Walt who will be paying for it. He had the brainlessness to say free?

I rest my case.