Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Big Snake:

When you think 'pet', is this really what comes to mind?

At least it was already dead...

SACO, Maine (AP) ― A poisonous 5-foot-long viper from Africa was found stretched dead across a rock in a wooded area behind a movie theater, and the Maine Warden Service said Tuesday it was searching for the person who released the reptile.

A woman walking with her dog discovered the Gaboon viper Monday on a trail behind the Cinemagic and IMAX theater complex on busy U.S. 1, Sgt. Tim Spahr. The snake was released Sunday and succumbed to low temperatures, which dipped to freezing overnight, he said.

It's illegal to possess exotic snakes in Maine. Wardens will consult the district attorney to determine what charges might be appropriate, Spahr said.

"In my 13 years as a game warden, this is the weirdest that I've actually dealt with," Spahr said Tuesday. "This is an incredibly dangerous species, a life-threatening species. And people walk up and down these trails."

Gaboon vipers favor the warmer climates of central, west and east Africa. They're known for their heft — they can weigh as much as 18 pounds — and their long fangs.

Who thinks it's a good idea to first procure and keep a highly poisonous viper as a pet? And then to release it into a public area? Had it been warmer, someone could have been bitten!

And, if the asshat in question released it because it was becoming too difficult to handle, he's responsible for the snake's death. Pets, and other animals should not be treated as disposable things.


John Rudolph said...

I'm wondering how he managed to get this as a pet to begin with.

USA_Admiral said...

"When you think 'pet', is this really what comes to mind?"

Not this.

This makes me think of boots, hat band, wallet or belt.

Anonymous said...

The snake, released into the wild by an idiot, bit a passing democrat and died. Enforcement officials with the SPCA are now looking for the democrat.

Well, that’s what I heard

Mustang Sends

cube said...

The snake was probably obtained via a black market operation. Only an idiot would want this creature as a pet, and only a double idiot would set it free in a public space. I'm sure a zoo somewhere would want it, but then again, the owner would have to answer questions about how he obtained the snake.

Krystal said...

Down in Florida they have a problem with people releasing iguanas. They get over four feet long and will attack and kill. They're more dangerous than alligators.

Chuck said...


The snake, released into the wild by an idiot, bit a passing democrat and died. Enforcement officials with the SPCA are now looking for the democrat.

Probably died of an E coli infection

Brooke said...

John: I'll bet you a doughnut it was at a flea market... Or Cube's idea.

USA: Exactly. Or at least the thing should be in the godforsaken African jungle it came from.

Mustang: LOL!

Cube: Yes, and the zoo would have to quarantine the snake as well, to ensure that it doesn't have anything that could kill other animals there.

Krystal: Iguanas? Geez, between those and the gators, I think I'd be carrying a bear gun around.

Chuck: HA!

WomanHonorThyself said...

egads Brooke!!!! whats wrong with a puppy?