Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Meanwhile, in my home state of Ohio:

Are you not sick of this disgusting shit?

Yeah. That baby was probably registered and cast an early ballot before it was ever born. Hell, all of it's dead ancestors have probably voted Democrat, too.

Aren't you sick and tired of these proud, important words being taken from us? Aren't you sick and tired of the meaning of the words being slurred by our politicians?



USA_Admiral said...

I got it done.

Now everybody else needs to too.

WomanHonorThyself said...

goin to vote now! keep yer fingers crossed!! (hugs!)

Brooke said...

Done, as well.

Alligator said...

It's 11:45 pm out here in Missouri, and I am batting 100% on my votes. Looks like a bit of mixed bag elsewhere in the country. The Northeast and the West Coast predictably stuck with the lib Dems. Common sense took over in "flyover country."

Princess Pelosi has been dethroned but Prince Harry retains his Senate throne, though barely. If only one race needs to be checked for corruption I think it is that one. Angle led in all the polls and apparently in early exit polling. The casinos pressured their folks to vote Harry, (after all they have invested a lot in the man over the years). Also the SEIU, which is a Leftist organization. is responsible for servicing the voting machines. Nevada is where early reports of machine irregularities came in. Again if only one race needs to be thoroughly scrutinized it is that one.

It will now be tougher, but still not impossible for Obama and the Dems to advance their agenda. The Repubs who have won have to be on their game. This is just round one folks. It's just too bad Barney, Barbara and Harry are not joining Nancy as she heads for the door.

Alligator said...

Here I am 45 minutes later. We've got one squeaker here too close to call. One Amendment flipped (but barely) as the urban vote was counted, so I'm not batting 100%.

Looks like a few other races nationwide will be squeakers and I'll bet we see some suits, recounts and "dimpled chad" arguments ala Al Gore before its all over. The MSM is surely getting lathered up and going into rabid dog syndrome.

Still, the Repubs seem to be doing good overall. My only hope is that they will stand on conservative principles.

beamish said...

I'm still getting robo-calls from Democrat shills telling me to go vote for stank ass Robin Carnahan.

The day after the election.

I guess she got her money's worth LOL.

Susannah said...

Man-o-man, did we EVER get 'er done! NC legislature is Republican for the first time in OVER 100 years! Yippee!

With that & all the House seats we took away, I'm nearly delirious!

Brooke said...

Hi, all. Just got done with a couple of long work days.

I was hoping for better, but I'll take it.

Beamish, that is HILARIOUS. What a bunch of dolts.