Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thriller, Neighbor Style

Check this suburbanite's display out:

Wait for Vincent's part. :)

And the original. Classic.


Always On Watch said...

Love it!

cube said...

I love it too. Vincent Price was one my early crushes... of course I'd wait for his part :-)

Alligator said...

Vincent Price was from Beamish's neck of the woods - St. Louis. The classic villain - always a well mannered, highly cultured monster! Price was a real patron and connoisseur and benefactor of the fine arts and cuisine as well.

Well tomorrow should be election "thriller" I noticed margin of errors are going all over the place today, and the fraud machines are getting greased up.

Susannah said...

GO VOTE friends!

Have a GREAT day!

Brooke said...

AOW: Isn't it cool? It must've taken a very long time to program all of that!

Cube: Vincent is hot back in his day. That voice!

Gator: Really? I never really looked into his 'real life.'

Yes, today should be an interesting one. I plan on taking my youngest, who is in half day Kindergarten, to the polls. My parents never took me; my mother just does not vote, and Dad does but never bothered to familiarize us with the process.

When I turned 18 I became a zealot for voting
every time, and I want my kids to be familiar with it.

Susannah: You know it! I plan on going about 14:00.

I wonder how many dead people and dogs will have voted Democrat by then?

cube said...

Vincent was also easy on the eyes back in the day.

We took our girls to the polls from the time they were toddlers. We didn't see it as indoctrination, but as learning how to behave as citizens.

Our eldest daughter studied the sample ballet she got in the mail and googled the stuff she wasn't clear about before she went to vote. I guess we did something right.

Susannah said...

Cube~ I've taken my kids every chance I could before they got into school; used to take them right into the booth w/ me. (Now I go during the school day.) And of course it teaches them how to be responsible citizens! ;)

Susannah said...

Oh, & the video...very cool!