Saturday, November 20, 2010

News Roundup.

There's too much to post on today, so it's a link extravaganza!

- Coming to an internet near you... And at the rate this administration is going, so is this. 

- 'Justice' FUBAR'ed.

- Charlie Crist needs to find something better to do with his time.

- Robert Schink passes at age 89; the end of an era.

- I know the TSA body search/scanner thing is being discussed a LOT right now, but I sympathize with this woman. I have metal in my elbow and thankfully did NOT set off the alarm either way the last time I flew.

Then again, maybe not setting of the alarm should be a cause for concern?


Z said...

The Jim Morrison cracks me you know his grave in Paris is still visited constantly by people from all over the world. Ya, Chopin sits there lightly visited and Morrison always has kids there......:-)

REALLY sad about the Fuller Brush Man, I remember we had one when I was a kid, but not for YEARS...

You know, Brooke, there's so much news lately , most of it bad from this gov't, that I sympathize with your blog format of just listing things...who can post on every subject we'd like to? Good job! I like "Link Extravaganza!"

Chuck said...

Things must be going well in Florida if this is all they have to worry about.

I'm still not on the "get rid of the scanners" bandwagon. What do we do to keep ourselves safe?

BATMAN said...

Charlie Crist was on crack before the election, even more so now.

Alligator said...

Chuck, I think the answer can be found by looking to Israel. That nation has a big bullseye on it because every Islamic terrorist group and neighboring country has vowed to wipe them out. How do they handle airport security? PROFILING.

They don't waste their time hacking at PC branches like us (confiscate that nail clipper...pat down that elderly a second check on that three year old) they look for the root problem by using their intelligence apparatus and PROFILING the kind of people who are apt to carry out terr...oops, sorry. I mean "man caused disasters."

Brooke said...

Z: I don't get visiting graves as a tourist, especially when it is someone that really is just pop culture. Meh.

I never saw a FB man as a kid, but I do recall watching Looney Tunes with that in it. :)

Glad you liked my extravaganza! :)

Chuck: I know, right?!?

I say profile and use dogs to smell. Other than that... If someone wants to fly a plane into a building, what can be done other than the former?


Jeff: Bwahahaa!

Chuck said...

I'm all for racial profiling. It won;t go here but common sense tells you that if Muslims are blowing the world up you don't need to frisk Catholic nuns. I'm still convinced they are going to give exemptions to Muslims women.

Alligator said...

Chuck, here's an article from the Toronto Star. Basically what the Israelis are doing is criminal, not racial, profiling. Its worked for them and minimized hassles and loading times for the innocent travelers. I am becoming more and more convinced that the reason the TSA is handling it this dopey way is because the administration is hell bent on being PC. Typically government is forms oriented, not results oriented, anyway. They don't care about results as long as procedure is followed.

WomanHonorThyself said...

they are strip searching kids Brooke not to offend the u know whos!!!!!!!!!!

cube said...

Your post is a veritable potpourri...

1. I'm not surprised. They want to shut down any opposing viewpoint.

2. Obama & Holder's Justice Dept. is a joke. They deserve all the opprobium they get and more.

3. I think spending all your free time in a tanning booth can fry your brain.

4. The end of an era is right. I remember a Fuller Bush salesman coming to our apartment in New York when I was very young.

5. It is a shameful invasion of privacy. The head of Et Al airlines says we need to start profiling before people even get to the airport, then interview those who look and act suspicious while waiting to board. It works for me, especially since the full body scans wouldn't have caught the explosives in the attemped Christmas bombing suspect.