Monday, November 29, 2010

Troofers, Unite!

By now I'm sure you've heard of the latest Islamist Christmas bombing attempt by a Somali-born, naturalized man (and I use the term loosely).

Of course the leftards are scrambling not to blame Islamic terror by young, male, Muslim men, but instead to go the route of the 9-11 'truther' and blame... You guessed it... Us.

Found at iOwnTheWorld: 

Here is his take on the Christmas Tree Lighting terrorist. Or as he calls it, “the holiday tree.” That’s a RED flag right there.
Tonight in Portland, we had a small dose of the FBI’s almost-operational terror sprees, as agents spent more than a year goading a young jihadi wannabe into almost killing thousands of Portlandians in our city’s living room as we gathered for the lighting of the holiday tree.
Wow, what kind of complex network would it take for a Somalia-born US citizen to envision, develop, and then carry out such a huge and complex attack in a large public place with so many innocents gathered? Why, of course, one enabled by the FBI.
So, for eighteen months the FBI has developed this disaffected young man, having started by posing as a member of a terror network. Then they groomed him to identify a target. As they continued meeting with him, alone and with no other co-conspirators, this young man’s plan suddenly reached achievability.
Clearly, the Pacific Northwest has been too complacent about terror brewing in our midst. Thank goodness for the heroic FBI that allowed one silly young man trying to impress older, more senior “terrorists” with an operational plan. And thank goodness they saved us from this attack, moments before it didn’t occur.
How long are we going to let the cowboys shoot up our country with their false terror plots and operations that would go nowhere without their instigation, planning, and coercion? How long will we allow our own federal constabulary to justify its own recklessly inflated budget by permitting actions like this to develop, fester, and grow operational in our midst?
This is terror, pure and simple. State-sponsored terror. Big-splash terror designed to make people compliant and fearful, and grateful to their federal government — in a city which has not yet installed the Rapiscan porno-scanners at our airport.
Someone needs to put an end to it.
Uhh, Shitbag, the FBI continually asked this poor youngster if he wanted to back out. They reminded him many times that his plan would kill children. He “premeditated” this mass murder for MONTHS. They needed for him to go to the event and dial the cell phone so the case couldn’t be dismantled by excrement such as you. There will be no jihadi sympathizer lawyers getting him out of this one, and that must singe the smelly hairs on your flabby pimpled ass.
The FBI did the job that 99% of the public wants them to do. You are in the bottom 1%. And when I say bottom, I mean ass.
Here are some comments from Firedoglake readers:
~Thanks so much for “going there,” Teddy. This is a huge step forward. As a Truther for many years, I can’t thank you enough for helping to open people’s eye about “State-Sponsored False Flag Terror.” About time to expose “the oldest trick in the book.”
~Thanks Teddy. Reminds me of Bill Hicks shane bit. Gun slinger throws a pistol at the sheepherders feet. Pow! You all saw… he had a gun
~Jesse Ventura’s episode of Conspiracy Theory regarding Wall Street is a must see BTW.
~Is this the same FBI that couldn’t quite get it straight on the Trade Tower attacks? They did some real fine work after the attacks as well. German investigators have determined that there was some 15 Billion dollars of informed trading in the days leading up to the attacks. FBI investigations really couldn’t get to the bottom of it but one of the major players was the Bush family’s Carlylye Group who were dismissed from the investigation because they couldn’t possibly have anything to do with terrorism.
~The FBI is completely out of control. Yet another rogue USG division, like the U.S. military & the CIA. In a perfect world, we should get rid of all 3 & in the process try & hang the leaders of all of them. Well, maybe certain higher members of the executive & legislative branches should go first. Decisions, decisions. Who are the WORST criminals in the USG.

The guy is like anti-reality! So I suppose according to him,  this would be the gardener's fault.

This morning I found this story regarding the former. I'm going to go all 'troofer' on you and say that this arson was an inside job, probably ordered by CAIR to garner sympathy for poor, mistreated and misunderstood Muslims. It' a helluva lot more believable the moron leftist that you just read. No, seriously, it is.


WomanHonorThyself said...

amen Brooke and now they act like they are the victims..puleeze!

beamish said...

Did the widdle wefties wet their panties? Awwww.

Maybe they'll stay home when Obama runs for re-election. That'll show 'em.

Chuck said...

Poor, innocent bastard. Minding his own business and the FBI comes along and lures him into this trap. Oh, when will it stop.

Okay, I'm better now.

Anyone else notice how we stop operations in war zones for Muslim holy days but they seem to be making more and more attempts at us on holidays? Must be more of that Islamic tolerance we keep hearing about.

Alligator said...

I really thought 9/11 would wake the country about what is going on within Islam, and force Dems and Repubs, libs and conserves to find some common ground in the name of national defense. I was wrong. Instead we are further apart than ever, and many quarters seem to be working overtime to remain oblivious to the danger posed by Islamic extremes.

This clown was stopped from killing and maiming hundreds, but somehow, its all the FBIs fault that he even had such an idea? I don't know what it will take to end this kind of madness. Maybe nothing will at this point in our history. The story is that at least this kid was turned in by a fellow Muslim. Thank God and the FBI for this small favor. At least the lives of children were spared, despite the stupid reactions coming out on now from Truthers, the Somali "community" and civil rights lefties.

Always On Watch said...

I fear that America is going to keep its head in the sand until we have 10 million dead Americans, vaporized and lying on the soil here in our homeland.

cube said...

There is no shortage of lawyers who will attempt to weave a case of entrapment for this disaffected youth and there is no shortage of morons sitting on the jury who will believe it.

God help us all.

Brooke said...

Angel: Every time!

Beamish: I hope they do stay home. Actually, they probably will; why bother going out when the left has plenty of dead and voters and dogs registered to re-elect Obama.

Chuck: Christmas is a ripe target for an Islamist. Why on Earth we show them the courtesy is beyond me.

Gator: I hear you. It's beyond reason!

AOW: I fear you are correct, God help us.

Cube: I really hope not. This kid is too dangerous to EVER be let out.