Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unreal Misogyny... From the FEMALE Sec. of State.

I woke up today and saw this  headline; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton states that banning the burqa has merit.

I thought I'd fallen through a wormhole and landed in the mirror universe, but upon further reading I was assured that I am indeed in my native reality; banning the burqa is not about women being treated equally, but merely about security concerns.

Now, security concerns regarding the burqa are valid, but secondary to the fact that they are an indicator of women being treated as chattel in Islam.

The belief that burqas should be banned in order to stop suicide bombers disguising themselves is a legitimate one, according to United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mrs Clinton also described the status of women as ''one of the biggest pieces of unfinished business in this century'', and said their persecution was a common factor in repressed and impoverished nations.

At an ABC-organised forum at the University of Melbourne, Mrs Clinton answered around a dozen pre-selected questions from an audience of 480, mostly aged 35 and under.

''I know that in Pakistan, many of the men who are conducting suicide bombing missions arrive covered in a burqa,'' Mrs Clinton said in response to a question from a young Muslim woman.

''If you're a Pakistani police officer, respectful of the women of your culture and that's being abused and misused by the suicide terrorists, that causes a real dilemma. So if you are looking at other countries that are understandably nervous about extremist activity, like France and other European countries, I think it's a close question.''

Ah. I see. So, it is men dressing in burqas to detonate homicide bombs is what violates women's rights, not the burqa that they are compelled to wear by men that will beat, stone or hang them if they choose not to wear one.

Thanks for clarifying that, Shrillary, you dumb cow.


Chuck said...

That's okay, her boss laid himself prostrate in Indonesia today over his inadequate acquiescence to Islam

BTW, the captcha I am getting is Persia (?)

Brooke said...

Gads, Chuck. Bowing to Islamists only emboldens them!

I'm not sure about the other.

USA_Admiral said...

It just seems to be getting worse, everywhere in the current regime.

Brooke said...

Ugh. I messed those links all up; must not have had enough coffee yet. :)

Anyhow, my point was that Obama is sucking up to the Indonesians while they try not to touch Mo's hand because she is a filthy infidel female. Then Obama stupidly prattles on about how JIHAD can mean many different things and Islam is one of the world's most beautiful religions.

Meanwhile, a British Islamic TV channel condones the beating and rape of your wife, and says if she dares to wear perfume into her segregated portion of the mosque Allah will think she's a whore.

Nice, eh?

USA_Admiral said...

NP with the links.

Yes. Real nice in a cultist sort of way.

What you condone usually ends up destroying you.

cube said...

I can only shake my head when I think about WHAT we have voted into the white house.

And, I can only shake my head when I think about the fools who think Hillary would've been much different... same liberal socialism, just using a woman card instead of the race card.

Alligator said...

Here's a raging fire (Islam's subjugation and brutalization of women) and the American libs are screaming and yelling "Fire! Fire!" But they are so deluded that instead of attacking the flames, they are busy hosing down anything and everything else, including the people who are actually trying to fight the fire.

Always On Watch said...

Well, the way that Hillary has been looking lately, a burqa on her would be easier on all our eyes. **snerk**