Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Mad Coolness

Remember this little beauty from a previous post?

Here's another goodie for you:

BTW, I have that very same bourbon glass; got it from IKEA. ;)


BATMAN said...

I'm sure you voted for Kasich today :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

wooohoo Brooke..great news all over girl! yes we cannnnnnnnnnn take out the trash my friend and we just got started!!:)

Z said...

I like NATURE BOY..thanks, Brooke!
I wasn't sure there was enough alcohol to get me through Tuesday night and all I had was one glass of wine! Bourbon sounds good...

USA_Admiral said...

I remember it. I just love to watch that gal sing.

In two years we finish taking out the trash.

Brooke said...

Whew. I just got done with a couple of twelve hour shifts. I've got today off and then two more on. Then, I get three off.

Jeff: You bet. He's already planning to nix certain wasteful projects, like the three C rails.

Angel: I was hoping for better, but I'll take it. :)

Z: Glad you liked it.

I just may have a glass tonight.

USA: Yes we will! Already I hear pundits going on about how this doesn't really hurt Obama.

His hateful rhetoric sure toned down just a bit, didn't it? I wonder if he still expects us to "ride in the back."

cube said...

I was hoping for a Reid and Pelosi toss out... sheesh, Nevada is just too full of shadiness.

I'm already hearing talk on MSNBC about how this wasn't a tsunami.

The videos were melodical enough,
but they didn't mean much to me because I've never watched the show.