Monday, October 11, 2010

Openly Mocking Obama

They really ought to stop playing "Hail to the Chief" and just do the theme to The Three Stooges when Obama goes anywhere; no one takes him seriously anymore.

I have a HUGE problem with this. How do you miss a head that big?!?

Meanwhile, a man took a one million dollar dare to streak in front of Obama.

Now, this guy is just stupid. Once Obama knows he has $1 million dollars, I'll bet the Gestapo, I mean, the IRS will be on this man's doorstep before he can spit.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Yep. Them, and secret service. Once they find out a payout is involved, they'll put a clamp on it - so dude did it all for nothing and the payer knew all this would happen in advance.

cube said...

Maybe that was a copy of the Constitution flying towards his jug-earred head... it just wouldn't register with his POV.

Z said...

Some guy threw a book he wrote at Obama today. I hope has had another 'book thrown at him' some time in the near future. WOuldn't YOU like to THROW THE BOOK AT HIM!? :-)

Chuck said...

Cube, I thought the same thing. Maybe that's why he didn't recognize it

Always On Watch said...

The man aimed to get some attention. And he did, I suppose.

But for what in the end?

Brooke said...

Steve: This guy not only isn't going to get any money, he'll likely wind up owing a hefty sum.

Cube, Chuck: For someone who was supposedly a Constitutional power, he show little regard for it.

Maybe he'd respect it a little more if someone nailed him in the melon with one.

Z: Would I ever!

AOW: I think most people were paying attention to his end. ;)

Brooke said...


A man claiming to be the book-tossing author in question has since come forward, calling Sunday “one of the most dramatic days” of his life. Sajid Ali Khan took to his blog to describe the debacle:

I went to the President Obama rally, in Philadelphia. Usually I am able to place myself at a point where I can shake the hand of the President and talk to him. This time I was one fence away so there was no way I could speak to him. There was five rows of people between me and the President. I was still about 10′ away from him. So I held up my book and as soon as he looked at me I tilted the book to show him that I wanted to give it to him. …
The book almost floated in a magical curve. I thought it would land off the stage but it floated and landed in front of the Vice President. I made a V sign and gave him a thumbs up and he enjoyed the whole episode and was smiling and gave me back a thumbs up. As if saying he got it. A secret service officer ran up to the stage and picked it up and soon I was surrounded by the secret service. I was interrogated by a few officers. They said it is a very serious crime to throw an object at the President of the United States, even if it is a book and I am to be locked up till they made sure I meant no harm.

The book "floated in a magical curve" ? Well, Allah be praised!

I am forced to wonder what would happen if some old white guy had thrown a book at the president...I don't think they'd just give him a talking to.

WomanHonorThyself said...

but but but doesnt everyone worship the ground he walks on?

cube said...

I know that if it had been someone else, there would've been extensive questions asked about the nature of the book. Meanwhile, not a peep from the MSM.

USA_Admiral said...

Some idiots are just clueless targets.

Brooke said...

Angel: I think the messiah there is starting to loose some of his sheen.

Cube: Absolutely. The MSM is criminal in it's neglect.

USA: LOL! There's one if I've ever seen one!

Sadly, his moronic policy is turning our entire country into a clueless target.