Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leftists Killing Children

What is it with leftists and environmentalists fantasizing about murdering and torturing children? We already know that they're into killing babies in the womb, and now it's spreading to killing them outside.

Recall this graphic post from a few days ago about blowing up kids who doubt global warming?

Well, here's another such add, a bit less gross, and a little older:

Of course, child murder isn't just limited to kids who doubt the global warming coming from Al Gore's pie-hole. Disabled children should get a little 'pillow therapy,' too. If you're a good mommy, that is:

And of course, when they're not killing children leftists are at least willing to enable the torture of kids. Custody has been restored to a toddler's so-called mother, who is 18 and a drug addict, after only ten days in jail and two years probation for this:

Apparently, she and her boyfriend were high and thought this would be hilarious. This supposedly went on for about an hour. Later, the morons bragged and showed the pics to a friend who didn't find them quite as amusing and turned them in to the police.

My friends, to quote a line from an Eastwood movie, there's nothing like a nice piece of hickory, and that's EXACTLY what these two chunks of shit should get.

At least there are some decent people left in the world, my friends.


Alligator said...

When this child grows up emotionally, or physically damaged or if worse happens, then it will no longer be just the mother who is responsible. It will also be on the courts, lawyers, and bureaucrats who insured that child's fate was sealed.

Brooke said...

Indeed. By returning him to a defective human who likely has already physically and mentally damaged him with drug usage while he was in utero, she can continue to mentally and physically abuse him throughout his formative years and on.

They are absolutely complicit in his abuse, as you said, by not permanently removing the boy.

Worse, under the tutelage of this 'mother', the child will likely grow up to be no better a person than she.

beamish said...

This shit makes me fuming mad. I waited a day to comment after reading it, and I can still barely contain my rage.

Nice piece of hickory indeed. Whittle that sucker into a toothpick with the sides of their heads.

USA_Admiral said...

I have no words for this kind of nonsense.

The world is in sad shape because the inmates are slowly taking control of the asylum.

cube said...

Reading this stuff makes my blood boil. I hate it when a snaildarter fish gets more protection than a child.

BTW according to the left, we're overreacting. The bloody blow up video was just a joke don'tcha know... and they got away with it.

Thank goodness for Victor Perez being in the right place at the right time. Amber alerts work!

Brooke said...

Beamish: I'm torn between putting a bullet in these two degenerates or beating them within an inch of their lives.

I seriously doubt they would learn anything from the latter.

Brooke said...

USA: I hear you.

Cube: That's a leftist for you. Humans and children are worth dirt, but a stupid animal is valuable.

IMAGINE if a conservative group did something like that exploding child video... You think the shit might hit the fan just a bit?

Yes, good on Perez!

beamish said...

Child abuse should carry a minimum sentencing of DEATH.

Brooke said...

Absolutely. If you harm a CHILD or an animal, for that matter, it is a clear indication that you are completely worthless and a detriment to others.

Time to leave the planet.

beamish said...

Well, harming animals is fine, if you're gonna eat them.


Brooke said...

Well, I have considered eating my dog once or twice... 'Cause I was going to kill her and it seemed a shame to let all of that meat go to waste.