Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Little Killer

So I wake up this morning and the cat's food bowl is empty... But I made the unforgivable mistake of deciding to eat my breakfast before feeding her.

We have an open top 5.5 gallon Fluval Chi aquarium. It's quite nice to look at and we have/had a couple of small fish in it; a glofish and a bleeding heart tetra. Dave thought the kitten might get into it, but I told him I wasn't worried because once she tried it and got wet I figured that would be the end of it. 

Spot hasn't so much as looked at it since we got her, until today.

After removing her from the dog's food bowl (Yes, my 115 lb Great Dane is backed away from her food by a three and a half pound kitten), I looked up from my potato pancakes to see Spot chewing on something in the floor, right next to the aquarium. I asked Dave what she had, and he looked. 

It was the tetra. She must've gotten onto the table without being noticed and swiped the fish out when it swam toward the top. She'd already eaten half of it, so we figured she may as well finish the job... 

I've got to get another fish before Connor gets back from school, and he's probably gonna be pissed either way. :)

Here's the little killer at four months old: 


cube said...

Sorry about your fishehs. Some cats are food driven and some are not. We have one of each and we can't leave any food anywhere because Felix will find it and steal it. Kinky, on the other hand, is love driven and she will follow me around the house all day long even while her food bowl is full. Go figure.

A few days ago, one of our little killers shredded a mockingbird in front of our garage. I guess they didn't read the book ;-)

Keads said...

Wow! That cat has the killer look for sure!

WV: dysput- "The kitty made a dysput sound as it caught the fish."

WomanHonorThyself said...


Alligator said...

"I wasn't worried because once she tried it and got wet I figured that would be the end of it."

Oh Brooke! You just prove how many cat owners deceive themselves. Several varieties are very water tolerant. Even those that aren't soon overcome their abhorrence to water to get at those neat, little shiny, (and tasty) things flitting around in the tank.

Rule of thumb with animals: "They can't get in or out of there." They will. "I buy them toys to keep them occupied." They will be uninterested. "They will not be interested in bothering that." It will be the first thing they get. "They are fixed, so they will not mark territory." Our nine year old neutered cat went to town hosing down a bush in front of my wife and I. I thought by the time he was finished, all that would be left was a shriveled, dehydrated, little husk with fur. We were startled and then scared. He's not been back in the house. The vet told us sometimes they reacquire the urge, even after all these years of being a eunuch.

See what you have to look forward too?

Krystal said...

One of our cats ate the tadpoles we were watching grow. He also jumped up on the piano to get to the large tank.

I figured he was just playing with the water ... so I threw him in the pool. After a few times he decided he didn't like to play in the fish tank anymore...

Krystal said...

OH! The cat we have now got into the hamster cage and ate the hamster a month ago.

Chuck said...

Looks like quite a beast

Z said...

Hey, let her eat the tetra...especially if it's a BLEEDING HEART, as you called it..a DEMOCRAT? (smile!)
QUITE a beast..Chuck's right! I loved this post, Brooke :-)

Brooke said...

Cube: This kitten will eat anything that isn't nailed down! Heaven help a mouse were it ever to get in here.

And when the weather warms and the inevitable fly gets in the house I'm sure she will take care of it. :)

Keads: Heh!

Angel: Hi!

Gator: Kids and animals, eh? They do the opposite of what you think is logical.

We have two FEMALE dogs and one of them 'mounted' the other a while back. I asked the vet WTF was up with that, and he said that it can be a dominance thing, even among spayed females.

She doesn't do it that often, thankfully.

Krystal: Perhaps a little water therapy is in order?

Poor hamster!

Chuck: A cute, fuzzy little beast!

Z: LOL! Perhaps my right-wing kitty was taking out the trash? She hasn't gotten to the glowfish yet.

Always On Watch said...

Well, maybe this is a harbinger that you have a good mouser in the house?

beamish said...

My schnoodle decapitates baby bunnies in the yard.

Whoever made squeak toys sound like a baby bunny's dying screams is a freakin' genius :)

Brooke said...

AOW: I think it is!

Beamish: Schnauzers are fantastic vermin killers, and poodles are renown for their intelligence. You have a killin' machine, there. :)

Alligator said...

Picturing Beamish's schnoodle decapitating baby bunnies made me think of this as theme music:

Brooke said...

Klaatu barada nikto!!!