Friday, October 15, 2010

I know that this guy is a little too mellow for Beamish, but I thought I'd post this anyway. ;)


cube said...

This is my take on the View clip, but others are referring to O'Reilly's comment as "inartful".
God forbid one were to offend moslems, meanwhile they have no qualms about offending Christians at every opportunity.

Brooke said...


I would think that if those two harpies had any kind of cogent argument they could've defeated O'Reilly with a calm, logical argument.

Instead, they throw a temper tantrum, proving yet again that leftists are not capable of debate or rational thought.

USA_Admiral said...

I love that you called them what they are, "Harpies".

I also loved the thought of Joy Bewhore living in a rent controlled apartment eating cat food out of an old shoe with a stick.

Post them when you find them, he is entertaining.

cube said...

I can't believe anyone watches this show and it pains me that mostly women comprise their audience. First Lady MO watches this show. No surprise there. Good gravy.

beamish said...

Man, this guy is way too sublime.

I like him, but man. Someone should tell him to stop with the whispering already.

Alligator said...

I'm taking up a collection for Whoopi and Joy. I'm buying them each a prayer rug and a burka. If their attitude spreads to the rest of the country, they'll be needing them. Anyone want to contribute?

Brooke said...

USA: With Behar's talent she should earn just about enough to eat cat food.

Cube: I'm not surprised that Mooochelle watches The View. Similar mentality.

I don't know how anyone can stand it. ANYONE.

Beamish: Yeah, put some GUTS into it! :)

Alligator: I'd pitch in for that!

Alligator said...

Brooke, I'd like to see Whoopi and Behar with Muslim husbands, and get all huffy, opinionated and vociferous like they do on The View. That would last about all of two seconds, wouldn't it? They would be pining for guys like O'Reilley. They just demonstrates how little lefties understand Islam.

Did anyone see the video or story where a crown prince of Saudi Arabia beat the crap out of his slave and raped him to humiliate him?

Of course, apologists will claim it was just this guy, but obviously these kinds of stories turn up with too much frequency amongst Muslims, especially the educated, aristocratic, Wahabists. Remember the Saudi royals who beat the crap out of their slaves at Disneyworld?

The Left still wants to crucify the entire Catholic church over sexual abuse by some priests, but is more than willing to turn a blind eye, nay even to hide, the sado-masochism perpetrated by Islamists.

Brooke said...

Amen!!! I'd love to see how well those two would do with a ME Muslim husband!

And you are dead on with everything else.

Brooke said...

I wish those two would watch the video from the previos post and wake up!

Steve Harkonnen said...


cube said...

Alligator is spot on. I will not only donate money for their burqas and prayer rugs, but I will also donate money for a Joy & Whoopie dowry so that they can marry moslem douchebags, er, I mean husbands. Let's see how they like the violence first hand.

BTW the word verification was caballo... that's horse in Spanish. A small pun can be made for speaking ourselves hoarse trying to make these women understand our point.