Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Billboard Shows Obama as Mobster, Gay Man

Oh, I see. So this privately funded billboard is offensive and terrible, but this is art and worthy of being placed in a taxpayer funded museum.

Leftists are such hypocrites.


Chuck said...

I was having trouble seeing your image so I googled it and wound up at HuffPo. There comments are amusing. One commenter actually posted the address of the artist (I don't know if it's real or not).

This was one of the best ones though

I did not learn the part of the First Amendment, that granted the right to anonymity while speaking freely.


USA_Admiral said...

Free speech, and yes he is all those things.

It is easy to insult or defame Christianity. They don't declare jihad, blow themselves up or behead people for insulting islam like the peaceful cult does.

Always On Watch said...

First Amendment rights do extend to anonymity. In fact, many of our Founders spoke out via pseudonyms.

Anyway, I find the poster excellent satire. And America does have a long history of political satire. Remember Thomas Nast? Mark Twain?

HERE is some historical background on political cartoons. Erudite article worth reading!

Brooke said...

Chuck: Not only do idiot leftists not understand the Constitution or freedom of speech, they cannot even cobble together a coherent sentence.


USA: Absolutely. Attacks on conservatism and Christianity can go on all day long, but we mustn't insult Islam or the leftist's current god, Obama.

cube said...

The left has no idea what free speech means. To them it's only about what they agree with and nothing else.

Brooke said...

Oh, absolutely. The left is all about free speech until it crosses their agenda, and then it's 'offensive' or 'hate speech.'

Brooke said...


After a flood of hate and death threats by the 'free speech for me only' left, the billboard has been <a href='>removed