Sunday, October 3, 2010

Funny Stuff

I've been listening to Beck since just after 9-11. I like his radio show more than the TV show; I hardly ever watch that.

That said, I think this is funny because lately I can't take Beck in entire three hour segments... I like to keep my ulcers under a certain size. ;)

The thing that does annoy me about this, despite its being amusing is that every single thing that Beck said was taken out of context, and I do have to raise my eyebrow at the ending... I think, considering the previous post with the horribly violent video regarding anyone who doubts the validity of global warming that most leftists wouldn't mind putting a bullet through Beck for his views.


Z said...

Funny, I get more drained by his radio show than the TV show.......but, i have to admit I watch his TV show on the evening rerun which is at 11 PM around here and MAN, talk about insomnia-provoking!
As for the cartoon..who made this?

Z said...

by the way, re your comparison of this cartoon and the horribly violent one's interesting also that James O'Keefe the ACORN buster is maligned by the media for over exaggerating and being a dopey ideologue and Michael MOore isn't.

cube said...

I like Beck's message more than I like Beck. The radio show is funnier than the dark and, frankly, often unwatchable TV show which makes my eyeballs rise up into my head and makes me lose consciousness.

That said, I do support the message, just not the salesman who hypes gold, food-insurance, his numerous books and more cheesy crap that I can't recall at the moment. Sort of like Obama except the media isn't picking through his life as they do to Beck's life.

Steve Harkonnen said...

There are some qualities I like about Beck, but he tends to take things out of perspective a bit and can spin things out of control sometimes. Just have to be careful to observe what he's on about sometimes.

Brooke said...

Z: I agree. I can only listen to his radio show in small portions.

Cube: Beck has become too preachy although his message is correct.

As for the salesman... He's got to have sponsors to stay on the air. I just ignore that stuff.

Steve: I just wish he'd cry less!

USA_Admiral said...
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USA_Admiral said...

I have been on hiatus for much the same reason. I may enjoy the political procedure more after NOvember 2nd.

Alligator said...

This cartoon was well done, and therefore funny, although ti certainly takes Beck out of context. It is only a matter of time before Disney forces Youtube to yank it.

Sometimes Beck is difficult to listen to and probably over the top sometimes. But he is genuinely concerned about the direction of the country. He is honest and open about who is and what he believes. Those qualities alone are enough to drive liberals insane with rage.