Tuesday, September 5, 2006

U.N. Security Forces At Work

I wonder what's happening with Hezbollah? The Main Stream Media has been pretty quiet about it since the so-called cease-fire took effect, and the U.N. has been put hard to work at ignoring Hezbollah so they can re-arm themselves and start up with the Israelis again.

Well, you'll be pleased to know that the Islamic terrorists are pleased as punch with Nasrallah's war. The Daily Star has published an article hailing him as a hero. A few excerpts:

After his second encounter with Israeli forces, Nasrallah has once more been praised throughout the region and has been given such titles as "the Che Guevara of the Arabs" and the "the Arab dream maker."

"Nasrallah restored the Arabs long-buried right to dream and restored their bruised dignity," said Sidon MP Bahia Hariri.

"He stood his ground through it all and delivered his promises, transforming him from a Shiite leader to a world leader," she added.

Oh, great. Does that mean we're going to see unwashed, granola-eating college commies wearing Nasrallah tee-shirts, a la Che?

And if that doesn't make you feel good enough, "Palestinian terror organizations" (It isn't P.C. to call them Hamas anymore...Now they are the Palestine Army of Islam.) have announced that after seeing Hezbollah's wild success, they plan to begin carrying out operations aimed at kidnapping Israeli soldiers.

From World Net Daily:
The leader thanked the international community for what he said was its recognition that kidnappings of Israeli soldiers are not considered terrorism but "military operations that bring very big results."

"We are now planning and training for the next kidnappings. Even if [Israel] releases hundreds of prisoners in exchange for Shalit, we still have thousands more to liberate. More Israeli soldiers must be abducted," said the terror leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity amid reports Israel is considering releasing hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Shalit.

So much for the Geneva Convention, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

But not to worry, folks... I'm sure that the capable hands of the U.N. are at the helm... Riiiiiight...

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