Sunday, September 10, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

D. Daddio tagged me, so I have set about fulfilling my "it" duties. This isn't easy for me, 'case I was just 11 years old at the end of the 80's; I'm pulling from memory here!

1: One 80's song that has changed my life:
I don't attribute life-changing moments to songs, but if I had to pick one song, it would be Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up." (And he's hawt in that video, too!)

2: One 80's song you can still sing all of the lyrics to:
A lot of 'em! Um, how 'bout "She Blinded Me With Science"?

3: One 80's band you would like to have on a desert island with you:
Weird Al Yankovic: He just never gets old, and he's a vegan, so he could live off of the coconuts!

4: One 80's band you are embarrassed you listened to:
George Michaels. He's SO skeevy now! *cringe*

5: One 80's band that made you cry or feel sad:
I dunno. I don't really cry at music.

6: One 80's band that you wanted to play with:
Sam Kinison. :D

7: One 80's band you wish had never formed:
I'm with Daddio: Motley Crue. Geez, they sucked!

8: One 80's band you still listen to:
Oingo Boingo!

9: One 80's band you want your kids to listen to:
Oingo Boingo!

Now it's my turn to tag: Kevin, The Merry Widow, and Always On Watch.

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