Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Starbucks And The Litigation Lottery

Some of you may recall about a week ago, a Starbucks branch manager issued an email coupon for a "Grande" (Or large, for those of you who refuse to participate in this insipid, snotty coffee house language.) iced coffee to a few employees, and invited them to forward it to a few friends and family. Not surprisingly, the coupon circulated a lot farther than expected.

Starbucks got nervous, and rescinded the coupon. That may be crappy PR, but hey, it's their right and their loss, right? After all, it was out of control, and what would stop people from simply reprinting the email and getting free coffee for about a month, until the offer expired?

End of story, right?

Not in our litigious society.

Starbucks is being sued for
$114 million by a 23 year old "regular" to Starbucks who felt betrayed when her coupon was not honored, and accuses the coffee purveyor of fraud. He felt "Let down and angry."

Dude, it's just a cup of coffee. GET OVER IT! Besides, if you can afford a $5 cup of Joe on a "regular" basis, I don't think one cup is going to break the bank!

Hey... You don't think this guy's intentions are more nefarious... That he might be using the court system as a 'get rich quick' system, do you? Noooo....

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