Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Iran: They Just Want To Talk...

Iran is once again denying the Holocaust, saying it is exaggerated.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi would like both opponents of the Holocaust statistics and supporters of the fact that six million Jews were slaughtered to sit down at a cozy little conference and talk about their differences of opinion.

"God willing, a conference on the Holocaust will be held in the autumn. The Holocaust is not a sacred issue that one can't touch," he told reporters. "I have visited the Nazi camps in Eastern Europe. I think it is exaggerated."

This warm and fuzzy statement comes right after the opening of the Holocaust cartoon exhibit at Tehran's "Caricature House."

Of course, this probably all stems from jealousy that the Nazis got to attempt to wipe Jews off of the face of the Earth before they did. They wished they got there first!

But not to worry, right? Our friends at the U.N. have the situation under control, right? THEY wouldn't let Iran get away with such hatred, right?

"The international community should not isolate Iran," Annan told the Madrid daily El Pais.

Yeah, I feel better all ready...

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