Friday, June 11, 2010

President Hypocrisy.

That's right. Obama will speak to the Hitler of Iran, but not the head of BP.

Oh, except he reversed himself. King Obama has "summoned"  Carl-Henric Svanburg to the White House.

Didn't the left used to like to call Bush a "flip-flopper?"



cube said...

Notice how we didn't find out that he hadn't spoken to the head of BP until forty-something days into this mess.

Oh the press may gripe, but the are still servile to BO and always more than ready to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Z said...

the media's become STATE RUN MEDIA, we never hear the truth except thru blogs, Brooke...this video's amazing...flip flop is right.
Just saw an interview with The Times of London, man, are the people ticked off THERE about Obama's "kicking ass", etc....they said they completely understand the oil spill nightmare and BP should take care of it, but what's our president doing behaving like an angry kid? And, they said "and why's he so anti business?"
They're finally waking up, when will America?

BO's OilSpillBlog said...

He's summoned my employer to his chambers, for a lecture on Wednesday. I wonder if they're going to chase each other around the resolute desk, kicking each other's ass.

Snarky Basterd said...

It takes him 60 days, 60 frickin' days ... what a tool.

Brooke said...


So, I can see it now, "So, you're the one whose ass I need to kick?"

Frankly, I think the BP dude could take Obama.

Always On Watch said...

That's right. Obama will speak to the Hitler of Iran, but not the head of BP.

Thus, BHO is clearly showing his priorities. Not America!