Thursday, June 10, 2010

Word on Islam Mashup:

Your tolerant and benevolent 'religion of peace' is up to its usual violence and murder.

It would seem the Taliban is getting extra-creative with their efforts. Rather than just hide roadside bombs filled with shrapnel, they are filling them with dirty needles in the hopes of infecting surviving soldiers with HIV and hepatitis, and all in the name of their pimp god and urine-chugging, child-molesting, murderous prophet.

From this source:

Hypodermic syringes are hidden below the surface pointing upwards to prick bomb squad experts as they hunt for devices.
The heroin needles are feared to be contaminated with hepatitis and HIV. And if the bomb goes off, the needles become deadly flying shrapnel.

The tactic, used in the Afghan badlands of Helmand, was exposed by Tory MP and ex-Army officer Patrick Mercer.
Senior backbencher Mr Mercer said yesterday: "Are there no depths to which these people will stoop? This is the definition of a dirty war."
Razor blades are also being used. All Royal Engineer and Royal Logistic Corps bomb search teams have been issued with protective Kevlar gloves.

Although the probability of someone becoming infected in this manner is low, I suppose we have to give the adherents of Islam points for trying, eh? 

Next up, the Taliban has decided to keep a close watch on their children: 

KABUL: Suspected Taliban militants executed a seven-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan after accusing him of spying for the government, a provincial official said Wednesday.

The child was captured by the militants in Sangin district of southern province of Helmand Tuesday, Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

"The militants killed the seven-year-old boy in Heratiyan village of the district, on charges of espionage for Afghan government," Ahmadi said, citing information provided to police by relativ

Now that takes courage, huh? It's doubtful that the boy was a 'spy', though possible. Even so, killing a seven-year-old child is extra-special, ROP. It must have taken a lot of courage and 'allahu akbar's to get that holy job done.

Next up, Hezbollah and Rosie O'Donnell join forces to defend Helen Thomas.

From this source: 

Hezbollah on Wednesday saluted veteran US reporter Helen Thomas's "courage" for her controversial comments against Israel, which sparked a furor and forced her to retire.

"Respected American journalist Helen Thomas's answer shows ... a courageous, bold, honest and free opinion which expresses what people across the globe believe: that Israel is a racist state of murderers and thugs," Hezbollah MP Hussein Moussawi said in a statement.

And here's O'Dumbass' take:

No, no, no, Rosie, and all of you idiot, moron, fucktard leftists who either purposefully ignore history or are just plain ignorant of it:

At least some of us are getting it. This is well worth the watch:


Krystal said...

The religion of peace ... long live izzzzlam ...

BATMAN said...

Rosie is a hack...among other things.

Brooke said...

I think they're all insane!