Friday, June 18, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

While the residents of the gulf area go without jobs, clean water or any hope of an end to the continuing oil spill, Michelle Obama takes a luxurious vacation at taxpayer expense.

Even a day at the beach is done in presidential style for the First Family.
Currently enjoying a relaxing California vacation, Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha arrived at the extravagant beachside mansion of billionaire financial mogul, Howard Marks, on Wednesday afternoon… exclusively learned that mother and daughter pulled into the luxurious private estate in Malibu over looking the Pacific Ocean at 3 p.m. They were escorted by a police motorcade and spent a perfect summer day by the beach.
So far, the First Family has been experiencing the Hollywood highlife during their trip. They watched the Los Angeles Lakers blow out the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night. Before the game, they stopped in at the famous hot dog stand Pink’s for a ‘gourmet’ dinner.

I'll bet the people living in the Gulf would like to enjoy their beaches... And what happens when the people of Louisiana try to take matters into their own hands, because after two months the government has done nothing to stop the spill or clean up the mess? 

The coast guard stops 16 ships from going out to suck up oil to make sure there were enough life vests and fire extinguishers on board.

I. Shit. You. Not.


cube said...

Every day there is a mountain of stuff to complain about with the Obamas.

E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y!

Yet, where is the outrage from the MSM?

Oh, there may be an occasional gripe here and there, always qualified by an excuse, but there is none of the outrage that there was on the 24/7 news cycles about Bush's 'failings.'

I'm sickened by the lack of media
response at the opulence of these people at such economically tough times. Remember the uproar at Nancy Reagan's purchase of new china for the White House? Those times weren't as bleak as times are now.

Z said...

what's with this gov't stopping the ships from doing what they can? When I read that, I couldn't believe it.
As for Michelle..."let them eat Pink's hot dogs" (well, they ARE fantastic)..these people are TONE DEAF>
Articles here wax eloquent about how NICE and NORMAL Michelle and her party are at restaurants, etc. (ain't that nice?) grrr

Krystal said...

They're elitists.

Brooke said...

Cube: It is, it's EVERY DAY!!!

The Obamas live like royalty and thumb their noses at We The People, and you're right, there is nary a peep from the midstream media.

Z: It is devoid of logic what they're doing.

"Well, we're not doing anything, and you're damn sure not going to, either."

What could be the reason? Is is as simple as they don't want to be shown up by PRIVATE INDUSTRY, or is it as big as they want this disaster to be as huge as possible so they can have soaring energy prices and cap/n/trade?

Krystal: Oh, yes.

Always On Watch said...

Clearly, the Obamas view themselves as entitled elitists.

I'm sick of it, sick of it, sick of it.

The White House is turning into a party house -- although many of the parties are off-site.