Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama the Snob

Because not just any hot dog will do for our Dear Leader Obama... No, a trip to Wal-Mart's top shelf simply will not do, your tax money be damned.

Seriously, in a time of high unemployment, taxation and disaster, Obama just cannot stop wasting your money.

From this source: 

What kind of hot dogs  are usually at a picnic? Sabretts? Oscar Meyer? Ballpark? Nope, that won’t do for The Obama’s. Even the friggin hot dogs have to meet a certain standard.
They had to have Byron’s hot dogs, from Chicago. So you’re thinking they flew in the hot dogs, right? Wrong. They flew in the owner, Mike Payne. The ingredients for making his famous hot dogs were then summoned to the White House so he could specially prepare them.  For a friggin picnic.

This is a mockery of all the people who HAVE to eat hot dogs… for dinner… every night. And not any fancy shmancy ones. Whatever is on sale will have to do. Obama is a jackass.


Chuck said...

What about the poor?

"Let them eat cake"

Obama spake

Brooke said...

I'm waiting for Michelle to say it. REALLY.

commoncents said...

Awesome post! Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Steve is a drive by commenter who only seeks to get others to list him on their side bar. I did that some time ago, and he never reciprocated. He never even read one of my posts. So I think he’s a blog-ho and because I hate him, he’s not getting any Christmas cards from me.

Steve, here’s some friendly advice: if you keep coming over here and leaving your drive-by comments, Brooke is going to shoot you. You have been warned.

Brooke, about this new format … I wonder if you realize it isn’t geriatric friendly.

cube said...

Brooke: Awesome post! Keep up the great work!!


cube said...

I happen to love hot dogs - Nathan's (non-casings), New Hampshire Provision (with casings) are my favorites, but I also eat many other brands.

Flying in the owner of Byron's hot dogs to recreate his famous dogs for a picnic is yet another example of BO's profligate spending of OUR money. You can rest assured BO would never be so extravagant on HIS dime.

Maybe it's time the taxpayers of this country start to demand that BO starts paying for his profligacy.

cube said...

BTW the new design is very polyhedral.

Resistance is... useless if < 1 ohm


beamish said...

To be fair, the Earth's magnetic fields flux in such a way that hot dogs prepared "the Chicago way" are superior to all others.

It's the same with fried chicken. Colonel Sanders is roasting in hell for the millions of dollars he made fooling people into thinking they were eating quality fried chicken simply because it came from Kentucky, when as all culinary explorers know, the best fried chicken its that which originates within the Earth's mangetic field fluxes that penetrate Mississippi.

Brooke said...

I'll play with the format tomorrow when I'm off of woooooork.

Brooke said...

I got a small break.

Better, I hope?

BO's OilSpillBlog said...

Love the new look, Brooke.It sort of reminds me of ... well ... me.

This story about BO importing Byron's hot dogs is false, I'm sorry to tell you. BO actually prefers Larry Sinclair's hot dog.

EDGE said...

I gotta hot dog for him.