Tuesday, October 24, 2006

White And Nerdy: You Betcha'!

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my hero, Weird Al Yankovic's newest album, "Straight Outta Lynwood."

It turns out that this is Al's biggest success ever! "White and Nerdy" reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, his first top ten of a nearly 30 year career.

From al-Reuters:

"I literally danced a little jig (when I found out)," Yankovic says. "It's just a number, but I've been obsessing over it for a long part of my career. Even with, you know, millions of records sold, I've never been in the top 10, and it's always been a goal of mine."

More distinctions: "Nerdy" made the biggest second-week jump of the year on the October 21 Hot 100, rising 28-9. And there may be more to come: "Canadian Idiot," a parody of Green Day's "American Idiot," debuted at No. 82 on the Hot 100 the same week.

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