Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trick or Treat...

Nothing irritates me quite as much on Halloween as trick or treaters who are obviously waaaaay too old to be making the rounds.

You've seen them: 'Kids' old enough to shave, or wear a bra who put on some half-arsed excuse of a costume, or none at all, and hold out a pillow case for you to drop in a freebie. Worst of all is when they pile into a friend's old jalopy and cruise from 'hood to 'hood.

To my thinking, that is the same thing as taking candy from a baby... I mean, surely these spoiled adolescents could take a fiver and purchase their own sweets, and leave the candy to the little kids.

In light of this abominable gimmie attitude, I have devised a plan: I will get some Hershey's Kisses sized rocks, wrap them in aluminum foil, and keep them on one side of the candy bowl. When one of these miscreants shuffle up and hold out their grubby paws, I will drop in a rock instead of a chocolate...


What say you, dear friends? Is that too mean spirited, or a little just-desserts?

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