Thursday, October 26, 2006

British Airways: No Crosses, But Niqabs OK

Talk about an obvious double-standard... British Airways sent a staffer home suspended without pay for a month for the hideous offense of wearing a small cross necklace on the outside of her uniform, and will only allow her to return to work if she accepts a position that will not allow her to come in contact with the public if she wishes to continue to wear her cross.

"Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." --Matthew 5:10

I'd say she's in the running now...

But back to the double-standard: While BA is busy persecuting Christians for their faith, within hours a spokesman confirmed that a request from other staff to wear a full niqab would be given serious consideration.

Huh? So I couldn't wear a small, cross (we're not talking bling, here) to work, but I likely could wear a frickin' tent for religious reasons? Does that make ANY sense to anyone? When asked why an employee could not wear Christian insignia, but Muslims and Sikhs can openly wear hijabs, turbans, and niqabs (in fact they are PROVIDED by BA as part of the uniform), BA responded that the cross is a "breach of dress code."

Uh-huh. Welcome to dhimmitude, they should have said.

Ms. Eweida, the employee BA is discriminating against, sounded off on the matter:

" 'This is unfair. They are telling me to be out of sight. Why should I be hiding away in a non-uniform position when my Muslim and Sikh colleagues can be seen by the public?

'It is as if the cross is taboo. Despite all the people who have backed me, BA are still anti-cross. What is wrong with a little cross?

'I don't see why I should be ostracised and hidden away. This is a threat for other people and their freedom to express their faith.

'If I go back to work I will be wearing my cross for everyone to see. I will not resign - they will have to sack me.'"

That may well happen; here is her boss' letter to Ms. Eweida concerning the matter:

'"You can return to work immediately provided you adhere to the current uniform standards.

'If you do return to work in the terminal you will not be given specific consent to display your cross in the workplace as this would breach the existing Uniform Code.'

But he added: 'I am prepared to offer you a temporary non-uniform position in the recruitment team at Cranebank [BA offices at Heathrow].

'This would enable you to return to work and receive salary. In this position you will also be allowed to display your cross, as you will not be required to wear a uniform.'"

What blatant and utter hypocrisy! Their planes tailfins sometimes display the cross of St. George... I wonder how long before they start painting over those, in an effort not to offend?

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