Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bush And The Illegal: Lookin' The Other Way!

When did President Bush join the Democratic party? Did I miss the announcement?

He must have, because from what he says, he is gunnig to hurt the GOP next month. This President (and Congress) is a walking disaster when it comes to illegal immigration; I think all of us who want our sovereignity preserved can agree on that!

Listen to what he just said, from WND (emphasis and red type mine):

"We will conduct this debate on immigration in a way that is respectful to our heritage," he said at a recent White House event honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. "We are a nation of law, and we will enforce our law."

Unless you want to stroll across our borders, violate our sovereignity, and remain here illegally. In that case, don't worry about that whole law enforcement thing. We're just saying that to sound good.

"But at the same time, we must remember that in order to secure our borders, in order to make sure we fulfill our heritage, immigration reform must be comprehensive in nature. We must understand that you can't kick 12 million people out of your country; that we must figure out a way to say to those that if you're lawful and if you've contributed to the United States of America, there is a way for you to eventually earn citizenship."

Hello? If they were lawful, they wouldn't be here ILLEGALLY! And why, pray tell, can't we kick 12 million freeloaders out of our country? Oh, yeah. Because you (the Republicans) want the Hispanic vote after you allow them to finish Reconquista.

is my NeoCon solution to setting this straight. IMMEDIATELY change the anchor baby laws. If you are born to an illegal, you too are illegal. Period. Also, if an illegal makes it to our hospitals to give birth, we immediately deport the woman and child with a bill to Mexico.

Erect a fence. A REAL fence, Israeli-style, not some piece of chain link crap that anyone with a bolt cutter can get through. Form a Border Guard, much like our Coast Guard, and give them orders to SHOOT anyone coming illegally.

Start canvassing places that obviously employ illegals. Let's be honest with ourselves and profile a little bit.

It is apparent that Mexico is giving us the poorest of their poor, rather than fix their corrupt government. If their poor come to the U.S., it only improves their piss-poor economic situation, and they get the bonus of the money illegals send back to Mexico, which is their second largest source of income after their oil exports!

Also, if we must jail their criminals, who make up a huge percentage of inmates, especially in the border states, we should be charging Mexico a barrel of oil for each prisoner per day, plus court costs. Once they are released, they go back to Mexico, behind that big wall we just built. If they're a lifer, well, then we get a lot of oil out of 'em. And we should make SURE to collect.

If my dear readers have suggestions on issues I may have missed, please feel free to add 'em!

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