Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Leopards Don't Change Their Spots

A Bulgarian woman in prison for killing her son was furloughed to her home because of end-stage terminal cancer.

She had been sentenced to 15 years for murdering her 29-year old son with a garden hoe while he was sleeping in 2005.

From al-Reuters:
Last month, authorities judged her to be in the final stages of cancer and let her go home, where she stabbed her husband in the throat with a knife. "It was established she was in the last stage of cancer, she had it all over her body," said a spokeswoman for the Bourgas regional police. "They presumed she was feeling bad and she would treat herself and rest. But nothing of the kind. She got aggressive and ... she killed her husband."
She is awaiting a new trial, which she will likely not live to see the end of.
It gets better... She has promised that if she is released again, she will murder her second son. You've got to hand it to her... She's persistent!

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