Friday, October 6, 2006

Iranian Dissenter: U.S. MUST Help Force Regime Change

Amir Abbas Fakhravar, a former medical student, was a voice of dissent against the Iranian government for 14 years.

Fakhravar spoke at the Discovery Institute in Seattle Wednesday about his experiences at the hand of the Iranian regime.

"I want to show the face of Iran to the world," Fakhravar said through an interpreter. "And I want to show the face of the world to Iran."

Fakhravar was thrown in prison several times for speaking out against the mullahs of Iran, during which he was beaten, and threatened with torture and death. Each time he was released from prison, he would push the envelope, organizing student protests in Tehran and even publishing a book, "This Place Is Not A Ditch," that was critical of the Iranian government, to say the least!

I wonder if the liberals who complain about losing rights under the Patriot Act (a fallacious argument) and criticize our government with every other breath need to fear being drug from their beds at night, beaten to a bloody pulp, and left to rot in prison without being charged until someone decides to let them out.

I think not.

When the Iranian government decided to furlough Fakhravar to take his university exams in 2005, he fled, sneaking out of the country and seeding asylum in the U.S., where he now speaks about the loss of rights in Iran, and urges the U.S. to force a regime change in Iran, be it through strict sanctions, or even military force. He believes that positive change will never happen under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"The U.S. needs to put a policy in place to show that they are standing with the Iranian people," Fakhravar said.

Folks, he is right! Most American liberals who whine about the war in Iraq do not know enough simple geography to realize that Iran is right between Afghanistan and Iraq... That's NOT a co-incidence! I hope that we do indeed squeeze the snake that is Iran until the head, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pops off. His removal can only make things better!

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