Friday, September 24, 2010

Taught to Read By Muppets On TV...

...As Beamish has said. ;)

Alright, dammit. I know this is really no BIG deal, but do any of you all remember when Sesame Street used to teach numbers, letters, and other basic literary concepts to children with the use of cute, kid friendly  puppets and music? 

Well, apparently kids are now learning from ADD remixes of crappy songs from the 'artist' that also did "I kissed a girl."

Totally inappropriate? It is kinda cute... Really, most of the kids watching this probably don't realize that Perry is basically covering her nipples with as little fabric as possible. Whatever. WTFrick was this supposed to get across as far as fun entertainment and education

And then, when looking for child-friendly and appropriate material to teach the concept of rhyming words, a gritty pay-channel show (have watched; good soap opera stuff) about deadly vampires, sex and bloody violence is clearly the obvious first choice, right? 

WTF, PBS? Seriously, WTF?!? Are you betting that the adults have Sesame street on and are aiming to entertain them, and that the kids probably aren't paying attention anyway?!? I mean sure, Sesame Street had vampires and monsters back in the day, but really? 


Chuck said...

My wife and I watched the True Mud video, she watches True blood, I could care less about it. We both agree it had no place on Sesame Street. It was kind of funny though, in an immature kind of way.

Brooke said...

Either video is kinda funny.

And for the record, TBs1 is good, s2 is ok and s3 is loosing me.

You are correct, though. This had no place on Sesame Street. PBS has become just lame and inappropriate, IMO.

Ducky's here said...

Not bad power pop.

beamish said...

The infamous phrase is "taught to read by puppets on public television"


WomanHonorThyself said...

oish who needs clowns like her on a childrens show to begin with Brooke..ugh! Hope your'e havin an awesome weekend my friend!:)

Alligator said...

My daughter just saw all this and couldn't believe it. She's part of the generation that's into "True Blood" and Katy Perry. But for her the pandering of PBS to tawdry and adult based entertainment as a source for child programming is reprehensible and a sad commentary on the state of our society.

Recall how a street thug and gang banger like Snoop Dogg could do a shtick with Big Bird. And it isn't like he had change of heart and was on there to say "kids, don't grow up to do the kind of things I did." He's still a thug that touts the gangsta lifestyle only he's become a celebrity doing it. Is he one of the 'rich' that Obama wants to soak for his fair share?

My daughter also noted long ago how much political messaging (from the left of course) has slipped into the program content. She won't let her child watch it. PBS = DNC.

cube said...

Sesame Street has always been a bastion for liberal ideas. When my now 20 year old daughter was little, we used to take her to the neighborhood park and she'd play with a little boy and his sister mostly every day.

One day, while she was watching Sesame Street, she came running to me and excitedly told me that had just found out that those kids were black!

The indoctrination starts early with the libs.

Krystal said...

I use to love Sesame Street. That and Mr. Rogers.