Friday, September 17, 2010

The Religion of Condoned Child Rape

(Before I get to the point, France has banned the burqa. Good on you, mates.)

Pedophilia? No problem, says the so-called "religion of peace" we know as Islam:

A four or five year old girl? Here is a picture of mine; she's five:

The thought of some old bastard violating her "from the front and the back"?!? My husband would slaughter a man who tried to do to her what you just heard in that video, not "happily" give her away for rape.

Meanwhile, our children get an 'authentic' Islamic experience in PUBLIC school.

If you aren't enraged, I don't know what to say.


Z said...

I'm linking to you..that video has to be seen by more and more parents...will put my thoughts on the link post..Oh, MAN, this SO ticks me off, and should wake us ALL up, but....we "can't offend"

your daughter is a DOLL. God bless and protect her; which He has with a dad like HERS and not a dad like that jerk in the imam video...even the dope talking suggests that the girl should have been maybe a bit older. Imagine?

USA_Admiral said...


The more I discover about the islam cult the more I believe it should be wiped off the face of the earth with extreme prejudice.

How could anyone even attempt to defend what happened as right, imam or not?

Old perverted men with unchecked power is a terrible way to have to believe.

Linda said...

This is disgusting!

beamish said...

It... saddens me greatly and daily that my sister willingly converted to this atrocious cult.

WomanHonorThyself said...

there are no words Brooke!

Brooke said...

Z: Thanks for linking! I'll be by later.

That any HUMAN with a soul at all could condone Islam... Ugh!

Thanks. I am partial to my little one. :) Of course, her hair is a little 'choppy' right now, thanks to her sister.

USA: It is beyond a vile cult, isn't it? Mohammad, their sunnah example of manhood was a pedophile himself, and so pedophilia is excused forever for the Muslim male.

Every single one of these vile Imams need a ticket straight to their 72 virgins.

Linda: It is indeed! Thanks for visiting! You are linked. :)

Beamish: I don't know what to say. It can never be good enough to say so, but I'm so sorry.

Angel: Oh, yes there are. Lots of words... Many of which would make your ears bleed.

cube said...

I can't even go there. Just reading about what the video is about is disgusting enough. When do we stop these barbarians?

BATMAN said...

This pic sums it up for me :)

Rogue said...

What a piece of shiit

Always On Watch said...

From that last link:

Prayer was taken out of public schools decades ago. But as one parent learned in Wellesly, Massachusetts, if students take a field trip to the local mosque, praying to Allah is quite alright.

Isn't that absolutely surreal?

I tell you, the damned dhimmitude is too much for me some days!

Always On Watch said...

I just watched the video.

Gah! What perversion!

In my view, those who violate a child should be executed in a barbaric fashion. They aren't fit to live.

Brooke said...

Cube: I watched both videos with my jaw on the floor. That we haven't already stopped them is beyond me.

Jeff: Heheheheh. Just take care that your butt doesn't get a rash from that stuff.

Rogue: Absolutely. And thanks for stopping by!

AOW: Surreal, indeed! Imagine if those kids had gone to a chapel or synagog and prayed! The outrage would never stop!

The first video is beyond disgusting! I agree, a child molester should meet death in short order.

Chuck said...

It's pedophilia. Call it whatever else they want, no matter.

Cute daughter. She looks like someone who gives her mother a run for her money.

Brooke said...

Oh, yes she does.


Anonymous said...

don't blame the religion of islam, it's the fault of the human....a lot of tragic kid rape done by psycho in U.S, and they all christian.
if you don't like my comment, then you have a very narrow perspective of life..