Friday, September 3, 2010

Meanwhile, In France


Krystal said...

They're taking over.

Always On Watch said...


Always On Watch said...

See these videos too.

Z said...

Don't you just wish you had REALLY pointy boots on when you see that?

I lived in Paris for four years and never saw anything remotely like that but there are whole districts which were VERY Arab, with the best couscous restaurants in the world!

Odd, it's only since 9/11 that Islam's been so pushy; it's like they killed innocents and got respect or something. Think about it..they were laying low before 9/11, you all have to admit.

cube said...

Pointy boots, oh yeah Z! :-)

First of all, why aren't they in a mosque? Can you imagine trying to run your errands with all these asses in the way of the stores?

Secondly, where are the women? Of course, they're home relaxing because their barbaric men are out praying in the streets.

Sheesh. What a culture.

Brooke said...

Of course, the cramming of the streets on Friday is utterly illegal, but the police will do nothing as pointed out in AOW's video link. Mustn't offend Islam, after all.

I think if I were a Parisian I would indeed be wearing steel toed army boots on Fridays.

Z is right about Islam suddenly getting respect post 9-11, as if THEY are the victims! It's infuriating!

Cube: Where are the women? Strutting about in burqas to make a political statement, or at home performing their 'duties.'

Culture my ass.